Chris & Olis Crunchy Cream

Chris & Olis Crunchy Cream

  • Spreadable staple food for shrimps and fish
  • Fresh and selected ingredients
  • With experience of Chris Lukhaup
  • Expertise of Oliver Knott
  • Conserving resources
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The feed Chris & Oli's Soft'n Crunchy is a spreadable mixed feedd for ornamental fish. It was developed by the well-known aquascaping professionals Chris Lukhaup and Oliver Knott in collaboration. It can be spread on decoration, hardscape or from the inside on an aquarium pane, making feeding a highlight. Especially growth-eating animals such as catfish, snails or shrimps will enjoy this tasty and varied food.

The consistently high-quality raw materials from responsible sources and strictly controlled cultivation result in an extremely tasty food experience. Inferior fishmeal or animal meal is deliberately avoided in the production process. Instead, insects and crustaceans such as krill and water fleas are used as a protein source. The chitin helps to build up the shells of shrimps, crabs and shrimps and provides the fish with fibre.

In addition, Chris & Oli's Crunshy Cream contains herbs such as echinacea, rosemary, lapacho bark and calendula. Algae such as spirulina and kelp as well as high-quality moringa leaves serve as vital substance suppliers. Valuable hemp oil, blossom pollen, chokeberry, yeast and garlic fully cover the plant food requirements of all aquarium inhabitants.

As the feed is very easily digestible, the fish's excretions contain only small amounts of nutrients. This relieves the water and leads to a better water balance and consequently to less algae.

To prevent deficiency symptoms, Chris' and Oli's Crunchy Cream contains a mineral and vitamin mix that can be used by the organism without detours.


  • Compound feed for ornamental fish and invertebrates
  • Made in Germany
  • Without inferior fish or animal meal
  • Consistently natural raw materials
  • Resource-saving production
  • Spreadable
  • With the experience of Oliver Knott and Chris Lukhaup


Feed 2-3 times a day, but only as much as the animals can consume in a short time. Feed sparingly.


  • Insects
  • Cereals
  • Vegetable by-products
  • Vegetable protein extracts
  • Arctic krill
  • Shrimps
  • Vegetables (including spinach, kale)
  • Flower pollen
  • Minerals
  • Hemp oil
  • Moringa
  • Sirulina
  • Chokeberry
  • Garlic
  • Water fleas
  • Yeast

Analytical components

  • Crude protein (16,3 %)
  • Crude fat (4,5 %)
  • Crude fibre (2,4 %)
  • Crude ash (3,4 %)



  • Astaxanthine (2a161j): 93 mg/kg

Vitamins, provitamins and other chemically defined substances with a similar effect (per 1.000 g)

Vitamine A (3a672a) 366 IU
Vitamine D3 (3a671) 275 IU
Vitamine C (3a300) 27 mg
Fe (3b103) 4 mg
Mn (3b502) 6 mg
Zn (3b603) 6 mg

Chris & Olis

Chris & Olis

The many years of experience of the two aquascaping professionals Chris Lukhaup and Oliver Knott with fish breeding and various fish foods are bundled in the new Chris & Oli's fish food. Natural ingredients and sustainability are the main focus in the production of this food.
Soft'n'Crunchy serves as a staple food for all omnivorous fish, the Softdrops are ideal for bottom-oriented animals, Nano Crunsh is suitable for nano fish and Nano Dust can be used for particularly small fish or as a rearing food. With Chris and Oli's Crunchy Cream, feeding becomes a highlight.
A special food has also been created for shrimp. The 3-part Shrimp mix provides all types of shrimp with a well thought-out 3-part feeding concept.

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