Chihiros New Doctor Bluetooth Edition

Chihiros New Doctor Bluetooth Edition

  • Electrolysis steriliser
  • For aquariums from 125 l
  • Less algae, clear water
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Safe for fish
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The Chihiros New Doctor Bluetooth Edition is a water steriliser for aquariums from 125 l and is suitable for suppressing algae growth and reducing germ pressure. The operation is based on the proven principle of electrolysis of water. The controller supplies the electrode with a voltage. This creates an electric field in a very limited space. This so-called decomposition voltage electrolyses the surrounding water (H2O) to H2 and O2, i.e. to the basic building blocks of water: hydrogen and oxygen. Hydroxyl radicals (°OH) are also produced in the process. These radicals react with algae spores, bacteria or pollutants in the water and neutralise or destroy them. However, since electrolysis only takes place in a very limited space and not permanently, useful soil bacteria or sessile filter bacteria are not affected. Fish or invertebrates are also not endangered by the use of the Chihiros Doctor Mate Bluetooth Edition

With the Bluetooth connectivity of the Chihiros Doctor Mate Bluetooth Edition, precise control and programming is possible. Using the MyChihiros APP, compatible Chihiros lights, fertiliser system and other accessories can be controlled in addition to the Doctor.

Installation is effortless using the supplied fixing materials and thanks to the intuitive app control, set-up is completed in a matter of minutes.

The electrode of the Chihiros New Doctor Bluetooth Edition is a wearing part. Regular replacement of the electrode is necessary for optimum functionality. Depending on the water hardness, replacement may be necessary after 3-6 months.


Not suitable for aquaria with a TDS above 500 ppm (TDS: Total dissolved solids). It indicates the sum of dissolved salts in water in milligrams per litre. A suitable tool for determining the TDS value is the TDS - Meter


  • Water sterilizer for aquaristic-enthusiasts
  • Ensures healthy, clear water
  • Fights algeae, germs and pollutants
  • Bluetooth connection for exacte programming
  • 3 modes for Community aquariums, shrimp tanks and plant aquariums
  • Suitable for aquariums above 125 l
  • Harmless for fish or invertebrates
  • Does not affect soil or filter bacteria
  • Not suitable for marine aquariums



Chihiros Aquatic Studio is a technology company specialised in aquatic products. Since the foundation in 2014 the name Chihiros has produced some significant waves. Through good quality and an excellent price-performance ratio, a sustainable and growing influence on the market of aquaristic technology could be achieved. With innovative ideas, such as lamps that can be controlled via Bluetooth and WIFI, chic designs and, above all, a lot of technology at attractive prices, Chihiros has been able to secure a firm place in many living rooms and hearts of aquarium enthusiasts. In addition to LED lamps, the product range also includes accessories for aquarium filters, tools and glassware.

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