Cal Aqua Labs Efflux F

Cal Aqua Labs Efflux F

  • Made of high-quality glass
  • Provides for a constant water movement
  • Visually very appealing
  • The necessary suction cups are included
  • Fits 16/22 mm hose
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Cal Aqua Labs' Fluxus System consists of an Influx pipe transporting water from the aquarium to an external filter, and an Efflux pipe bringing clean water from the filter back to the aquarium. Both pieces are made with the highest quality laboratory-grade borosilicate glass and artistically hand-blown.

The Efflux outflow pipe carries the unique downward-angled funnel design to provide increased water movement to lower parts of the aquarium. This reduces stagnation points and improves gas and nutrient exchange for low and midground plants. The funnel can be conveniently raised slightly above the waterline to create gentle surface movement which will eliminate surface film without aerating the water, and hence reduce CO2 loss. To aerate, simply lift the funnel slightly higher.

Supplied with necessary amount of suction cups.


  • Highest quality laboratory-grade borosilicate glass and artistically hand-blown
  • Downward-angled funnel design to provide increased water movement to lower parts of the aquarium


Cal Aqua Labs - Efflux F1 - 13 mm
Height 130 mm
Width 75 mm
Distance between pipes 30 mm
Immersion depth approx. 40 mm
Fits hose 13 mm or 12/16 mm
Cal Aqua Labs - Efflux F2 - 13 mm
Height 195 mm
Width 190 mm
Distance between pipes 45 mm
Immersion depth approx. 60 mm
Fits hose 13 mm or 12/16 mm
Cal Aqua Labs - Efflux F3 - 17 mm
Height 205 mm
Width 155 mm
Distance between pipes 55 mm
Immersion depth approx. 65 mm
Fits hose 17 mm or 16/22 mm

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Prepare a 1:1 mixture of bleach to water
  • Soak the glass pipe in the mixture for 24 hours or longer depending on amount of algae grown
  • Rinse several times with clean running water before connecting back to the aquarium
  • You'll find an extensive how-to (in German) with pictures in our Aquascaping Wiki under Glaswaren reinigen

Cal Aqua Labs

Cal Aqua Labs

A stunning quality and innovative ideas around glassware articles for aquascapes have a name: Cal Aqua Labs. Lily pipes, permanent CO2 tests or inline diffusers are manufactured by highly experienced glass blowers. Their basic material is glass of the highest quality, whose clarity and stability is just stunning. The glassware is carefully manufactured by hand in keeping with very high quality standards. Every aquascape is embellished by these beautiful yet unobtrusive glassware products.

Those who do not want to compromise when it comes to glassware for aquascaping are exactly right to look at products by Cal Aqua Labs.

General information

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EAN 4250585202559
Weight 0,50 kg
Shipping weight 1,00 kg

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Bartłomiej B.
I do not recommend
26th June 2017
Cal Aqua Labs - Efflux F1 - 13 mm
Cal Aqua Labs - Efflux F1 - 13 mm

Super secure delivery, but I'm not happy about Efflux, lot of blemishes on glass. At this price man expects something better. CAL where is your quality control??

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