Cal Aqua Labs Double Counter

Cal Aqua Labs Double Counter

  • Made of high-quality glass
  • Suitable for smaller and larger amounts of CO2
  • Easy determination of the amount of CO2 added
  • Visually very appealing
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CO2 bubble counters allow you to monitor the flow rate of CO2 into your aquarium. Being able to visually monitor the CO2 flowrate helps detect possible drifts due to faulty regulators or needle valves. The bubble counters are attached inline with the CO2 line and secured to the outside of the aquarium. Typical bubble counters allow the user to monitor CO2 flowrates up to 4-5 bubbles per second. Flowrates higher than this makes counting, and therefore monitoring, difficult to impossible. Cal Aqua Labs' Double Counter addresses this issue by offering a unique dual-function design that allows monitoring of both low and high CO2 flowrates within one unit.

The Double Counter functions both as a normal-flow and a high-flow bubble counter in one elegant design. For small to medium-sized tanks where CO2 bubble rates are not as high, the normal flow mode creates bubbles similar to typical bubble counters. This mode can be used to monitor flowrates up to 4-5 bubbles per second.

For higher flowrates, simply invert the counter. The tapered design gently guides the bubbles upwards and allows larger bubbles to be formed, effectively slowing down the bubble rate. This allows high CO2 flowrates (up to 10-15 bubbles per second when measured on a typical bubble counter) to be easily monitored.

Note: Always install a check valve below the bubble counter to prevent water from flowing back into the regulator.

Supplied with two suction cups.


We recommend to use soft silicone tubing to connect the glassware in order to reduce the risk of glass breakage. The piece of hose used should be kept as short as possible in order to avoid unnecessary CO2 losses.
Silicone hose is not pressure resistant and therefore can not be used for connection to the pressure regulator.


Cal Aqua Labs - Double Counter
Length 95 mm
Width 17 mm

Cal Aqua Labs

Cal Aqua Labs

A stunning quality and innovative ideas around glassware articles for aquascapes have a name: Cal Aqua Labs. Lily pipes, permanent CO2 tests or inline diffusers are manufactured by highly experienced glass blowers. Their basic material is glass of the highest quality, whose clarity and stability is just stunning. The glassware is carefully manufactured by hand in keeping with very high quality standards. Every aquascape is embellished by these beautiful yet unobtrusive glassware products.

Those who do not want to compromise when it comes to glassware for aquascaping are exactly right to look at products by Cal Aqua Labs.

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