Aquasabi Filter In-/Outflow Set

Aquasabi Filter In-/Outflow Set

  • Made of high-quality glass
  • Guarantees good current in all water layers
  • Reduces surface films as it creates a soft swirl
  • The necessary suction cups are included
  • Perfect for aquascaping
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This high-quality glass filter inflow and outlet set is an attractive means of connecting your external filter with your aquarium or aquascape. The combination of lily pipe and filter inflow creates the optimal current inside the aquarium, which distributes plant nutrients and CO2 evenly. As the Lily Pipe faces slightly upwards, a constant soft surface movement is created, which facilitates a very good oxygen supply of the water. If you lift the lily pipe slightly upwards during the night you can efficiently prevent a mould film from forming or remove it.

The lily pipe and the filter inflow are made of glass. They blend into the aquarium or aquascape unobtrusively without being noticed as annoying technical equipment.


  • For a gentle flow of water in the aquascape
  • Made of glass
  • Hose connection 12/16 mm (13 mm) or 16/22 mm (17 mm)
  • Transparent suction cup included



Aquasabi Filter-Outflow - 13 mm
Height total ca. 180 mm
Height outer pipe ca. 165 mm
Width ca. 150 mm
Distance between pipes ca. 40 mm
Outflow diameter ca. 50 mm
Immersion depth ca. 90 mm
Fits hose 12/16 bzw. 13 mm
Distance between suction cups 40 mm
Aquasabi Filter-Outflow - 17 mm
Height total ca. 180 mm
Height outer pipe ca. 165 mm
Width ca. 170 mm
Distance between pipes ca. 40 mm
Outflow diameter ca. 65 mm
Immersion depth ca. 110 mm
Fits hose 16/22 bzw. 17 mm
Distance between suction cups 40 mm


Aquasabi Filter Inflow - 13 mm
Height total ca. 257 mm
Height outer pipe ca. 170 mm
Width ca. 68 mm
Immersion depth ca. 245 mm
Distance between pipes ca. 41 mm
Fits hose 12/16 or 13 mm
Matching Filter Guard Aquasabi Filter Guard Fine mesh L - 13 mm
Aquasabi Filter Inflow - 17 mm
Height ca. 300 mm
Height outer pipe ca. 205 mm
Width ca. 70 mm
Distance between pipes ca. 40 mm
Fits hose 16/22 or 17 mm
Matching Filter Guard Aquasabi Filter Guard Fine Mesh L - 17 mm


When algae start to spread on the glassware, it is time to clean it. Cleaning is not difficult, but it should be done conscientiously. Afterwards, the glassware will shine like new again.

  • Household chlorine cleaner (hygienic cleaner) without fragrances is needed. When working with chlorine bleach, be sure to observe the manufacturer's precautions.
  • Put some of the chlorine cleaner into a container and mix it with 50% water. There should be enough of the solution to completely immerse the glassware in it.
  • Leave the glassware to soak in the solution for 1-4 hours (depending on how dirty it is).
  • Take the glassware out and rinse thoroughly
  • Now all dirt should be removed and the glassware should shine again.



Aquasabi is our own brand, under which we offer high-quality products with a very good price-performance ratio. Carefully selected CO2 diffusers, CO2 bubble counters or lily pipes are just some of the items we sell under this brand and which will surely add to the value und the beauty of any aquascape. For this reason, many aquascapers and planted tank enthusiasts use products by Aquasabi.

Besides the good price-performance ratio, our main focus is on the satisfaction of our customers. This is the reason why our doors are always open for those who need help with our products.

When it comes to special aquatic plants, water plants from Aquasabi are just the thing for you. We offer rarities from our own cultivating tanks or import them specifically. These plants are otherwise hard to come by, and most of them cannot be purchased from other shops. We have high quality standards, which make Aquasabi plants a good choice for aquascapers, planted tank enthusiasts and aquatic plant collectors who want to enrich their tanks with rare aquatic plants. Special mosses, particular stem plants, hard-to-come-by ferns or very rare forms of the genus Bucephalandra are only a few of the plants we are proud to offer.

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Paul G.
The set I've been looking for
9th October 2018
Aquasabi - Filter In-/Outflow Set - 17 mm
Aquasabi - Filter In-/Outflow Set - 17 mm

Exactly what I wanted, and I have been looking for a set like this in the UK for a long time. Unfortunately I accidentally broke the inflow already but I will be ordering another... (read more)

Denis F.
Very good quality pipes
22nd November 2017
Aquasabi - Filter In-/Outflow Set - 13 mm
Aquasabi - Filter In-/Outflow Set - 13 mm

Good quality set of in-/outflow filter glassware. Connected to my JBL e901, works like a charm! Outflow provides good flow. Not too short and not too tall for 60 cm ADA tank. (read more)

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