AQUARIO Neo Unit Flexible Pipe 5x

AQUARIO Neo Unit Flexible Pipe 5x

  • For the supply of CO2 or air
  • Made of polycarbonate
  • Remains transparent
  • Easily customisable
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The Neo Unit Flexible Pipe from AQUARIO is a 50 cm long pipe with a diameter of 4 mm for the supply of CO2 or air in the aquarium. The pipe is made of polycarbonate, which makes it stronger and more flexible than acrylic pipes. It also remains transparent compared to conventional pipes, which become cloudy in the long run.

Through selective heating, the tube can easily be bent into the desired shape. A rubber piece, which is included in the scope of delivery, secures the diameter of the pipe during this process. Visually disturbing hoses thus disappear from view and your whole aquarium setup looks organised and tidier than before.



  • Five 50 cm long pipes with a diameter of 4 mm
  • Remains transparent
  • Made of polycarbonate
  • Easily individualised through heat technique
  • Aquarium setups looks organised and tidier


Inside the package there are five pipes of 50 cm length. By heating up the pipe the material becomes flexible. It can then be adjusted to any form you need in your aquarium. Here, you will find a simple summary.


Aquaio Neo CO2 Diffurosren Extended Type - The heat technique

  • Insert the enclosed rubber strip into the polycarbonate pipe.
  • Heat the pipe with a lighter while rotating at a distance of 1-3 cm.
  • As soon as the polycarbonat is softend it can be curved. The rubber band reduces the danger of reducing the inner diameter when bending.
  • The previously inserted rubber band can now be removed again.

Tips for application

  • If the flame is too close to the pipe it will get black from soot. Please keep the distance named above.
  • If the pipe is not rotated while heating, the bend will appear unattractive and have overlapping material inside the curve.
  • As soon as the material is softened, it is advisable to act firm and quickly to prevent the material from cooling while adjusting.
  • When aiming at a 180° curve, it is best to move the flame back and forth for a while so that a slightly wider piece of the polycarbonate tube becomes soft.
  • If you want to bend the pipe around your aquarium tank's wall, you do not necessarily need two bends. Just make use of a 180° curve and hold both pipe ends very tightly to the wall. The 180° will slowly expand adequately.



The manufacturer AQUARIO specialises in high-quality acrylic CO2 diffusers, very efficient bio- CO2 systems and other useful accessories for aquaristics. The Korean brand, which has been in existence since 2010, follows the guiding principle of offering every aquarist the opportunity to create a near-natural aquascape with the help of its product range. Therefore, AQUARIO offers very elegant and discreet aquarium accessories that do not disturb the layout of an aquarium. Furthermore, they are constantly working on optimising their products as well as expanding the product range with new innovations. Since 2019, the product range is available all over the world.

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