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Hardscape - Stones - A fascinating world full of contrasts

In terrascaping, stones are far more than just decoration - they are the centrepiece of every layout. They not only add structure and depth to your terrarium, but also character and uniqueness. Different types of stone offer a wealth of possibilities to create the desired ambience.

Seiryu stones, also known as mini-landscapes, are popular for their distinctive grey-blue hues and angular shapes. They create a dramatic, mountainous scene that captivates the eye. Dragonstones, with their porous surface and warm colour tones, bring a natural, organic touch to your terrarium and provide a habitat for microorganisms.

Lava rocks are a popular choice not only because of their light weight, but also because of their porous structure, which is ideal for plant roots and beneficial bacteria. Black rocks, on the other hand, bring a touch of elegance and contrast to the green plants with their dark colouring. Pagoda stones, with their layered structure, are an excellent choice for Asian-inspired layouts and provide interesting heights and levels.

Not forgetting Black Venom Boulder, which captivates every observer with its unusual black colour nuances, and Petrified Foliage, which brings historical elegance to your terrarium. Elderly Boulder, with its weathered surface, is perfect for naturalistic terrarium layouts and adds a calm, earthy quality.

The correct selection and placement of these stones is crucial for the overall appearance of your terrascape. While some stones such as seiryu can slightly harden the water, others such as lava stone provide an excellent basis for the colonisation of microorganisms. The placement of the stones should emphasise the natural beauty of each individual stone and at the same time create a harmonious overall picture.

In the savannah, there are often large areas of open grassland interrupted by scattered trees or rock formations. In the terrarium, Seiryu stones can be used to recreate the open landscape and create a natural environment for the flora and fauna living there. Large, flat stones such as Bright Pagoda can be used as exposed areas for atmospheric plants such as Tialldsia, while smaller stones can be combined to create miniature rock formations to provide hiding places, climbing and trellising opportunities.

The rainforest is home to a variety of different biotopes and an uncountable number of plant species and trees. Rivers, streams and waterfalls often run through the landscape. In the rainforest terrarium, dragon stones can be used to recreate river courses, stream banks and jungle landscapes. These or other stones also provide hiding places for animals and can serve as growth sites for lithophytes, lichens and mosses.

In the desert, there are often large and barren sandy areas dotted with rocks and stones. Isolated cacti or other succulents and tillandsias characterise this arid landscape. In the terrarium, stones can be used to recreate the desert landscape and create a natural environment. Stones can also be cleverly draped to provide shade and a place to hide.

Whether a purist steppe or part of the African savannah or even the rainforest. With our hardscape range, creative design ideas can finally be realised by combining different substrates and rocks.

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