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  • Made of different natural burned earths
  • Very dark colour contrasts nicely against colourful animals
  • Suitable for undergravel filters
  • Doesn't contain fertilising additives and is harmless for shrimps
  • Can lower the carbonate hardness (KH) and pH permanently
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  • Expandable clay mineral rock consisting of montmorillonit
  • Enriches the water in your aquarium with essential minerals
  • Binds harmful substances like ammonia and heavy metals
  • For health, vitality and bright colours
  • Prevents moulting problems
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  • Adds essential minerals to your tank
  • Raises total hardness (GH)
  • Prevents moulting problems
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  • Mixture especially made for baby shrimps
  • Supports the formation of microorganisms
  • High acceptance by baby shrimps
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  • All-vegetable shrimp food
  • Rich in amino acids, natural vitamins & minerals
  • Improves health, growth, increases the colours and promotes readiness to reproduce
Shirakura - shrimp food and shrimp accessoires

A couple of years ago, the well-known Japanese shrimp breeder Takayuki Shirakura designed his own product line especially for keeping bee shrimp in aquariums. Since then, the Shirakura brand has been an integral part of the shrimp scene and particularly bee shrimp breeding. The portfolio includes an active soil, the Shirakura Red Bee Sand, as well as mineral additives and water treatment agents. With them you can prepare your aquarium water ideally for the successful breeding of soft water shrimp. The range is complemented by special foods, such as Chi Ebi rearing feed, which is particularly fine and can therefore be easily consumed by baby shrimp.