Savanna Wood

Savanna Wood

  • Very massive driftwood
  • Fast sinking in the aquarium
  • Fantasic forms
  • Picutres serve as examples
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Savanna Wood is a sandblasted, dark decoration material for aquariums. Due to the unusual structures it is excellent for creating exotic African biotopes, islands or many other unique scapes. Due to its high heavy weight, the wood originating from Africa usually sinks on its own, without the need for watering. Because of the solid nature of the wood, particularly beautiful, dark eye-catchers can be set up in the aquarium, which not only serve as a shelter for small fish and invertebrates, but are also suitable as a food source for strongly rasping catfish. As a result of its soft surface, this wood is harmless to fish with long fins and sensitive barbels compared to other roots such as the pine root. Therefore this root is especially suitable for betta and angelfish. The surface is cleaned and compacted by sand blasting, which causes the wood to splinter less and the natural decaying of the driftwood is slowed down in the aquarium. This dark wood is particularly good for creating a contrast between bright green and red aquatic plants, which brings out the colours of the plants even more. Cavities in the root are excellent for attaching mosses or other epiphytes , such as ferns, to enhance the natural impression.

Each piece is absolutely unique. The woods are pre-assembled before they reach Aquasabi, so we do not have any influence on the form or exact dimensions. The sets cannot be opened and no alternations can be made. The portrait fotographs serve as examples. The delivered wood pieces differ in form and size according to the table below.

The wood is not pre-watered which is why the time to sink may vary.

Wood is a natural product. Therefore, it is possible that it turns the water more or less brown. Seachem Purigen can remove such brown discolourations by tannins reliably.


  • Sandblasted savanna wood for decoration in aquariums
  • Prefabricated
  • Very dark wood
  • Soft surface
  • Slower natural decay compared to other wood
  • Perfect for exotic African biotopes
  • Rapidly sinking
  • Not pre-watered
  • Optimal for planting with epiphytes


Savanna Wood S
Content 3 pieces
Size 15 - 25 cm
Savanna Wood M
Content 4 Pieces
Size 10 - 40 cm
Savanna Wood L
Content 6 Piece
Size 20 - 50 cm

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