Seachem Matrix

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asen a.
great product
3rd May 2020
Seachem - Matrix - 250 ml
Seachem - Matrix - 250 ml

Best filter media there is, simple as that. A bit pricey, but its deffinitely worth it. I wouldnt trust the label tho, 250ml for 200l water is way off.

Lorenzo P.
Very good media for tour filter
17th September 2019
Seachem - Matrix - 2.000 ml
Seachem - Matrix - 2.000 ml

Probably One of the best filter media,make the work very well! 1lt Is enough for 150/200 LT tank. Very good!

Richard N.
Not sealed..
15th August 2023
Seachem - Matrix - 1.000 ml
Seachem - Matrix - 1.000 ml

Every time I buy a product that the manufacturer sells sealed and the retailer sells it to me Not Sealed, I have the feeling of being deceived.

Miguel D.
The best Media for Filters
20th May 2020
Seachem - Matrix - 4.000 ml
Seachem - Matrix - 4.000 ml

I used a lot of different medias already, from the basic ones that come with filters, to top brands like ADA, and this is my top media since I tested it, lasts for long, it... (read more)

Grigorii O.
Good biomedia.
20th February 2022
Seachem - Matrix - 4.000 ml
Seachem - Matrix - 4.000 ml

Previously, I dealt with the matrix only when buying Tidal 55. Now I bought a 4 liter bucket in a new external filter. But inside it was damp and smelled like an aquarium. (read more)