Echinodorus 'Aflame'

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Tero R.
Echinodorus `Flame´, pot
3rd February 2021
Echinodorus 'Aflame' - Pot
Echinodorus 'Aflame' - Pot

What a sad sight this was. Three leaves, about 3-4 cm, almost 10e. I expected much more, what a shame.

Eric G.
Very fast, very nice plants except 2
28th February
Echinodorus 'Aflame' - Pot
Echinodorus 'Aflame' - Pot

Very very nice, very good quality, Package excellent with polystyrene box. Excellent recovery of feet planted in the aquarium, very satisfied.

Maria B.
A must have Echinodorus :D
28th October 2020
Echinodorus 'Aflame' - Pot
Echinodorus 'Aflame' - Pot

Plant was in good condition and the color is something else :D Just waiting to see how big it will come, some say max. 20cm and others 40cm. (read more)

Olegs A.
Echinodorus Aflame super
15th September 2021
Echinodorus 'Aflame' - Pot
Echinodorus 'Aflame' - Pot

Delivered in a short time and in excellent condition. This is a very beautiful and vibrant plant. Thanks a lot!!