Oase - high quality aquaristics products!

Oase is a traditional company from Hörstel in Germany that was founded as early as 1949. Initially, the company was a small workshop for agricultural machinery, which after a short time developed problem solutions for the irrigation of pastures and lands with a certain innovative drive. This successful and reliable pump technology from Oase also established itself excellently abroad, which is why expansion in the area of fountains and submersible pumps followed in the years that followed. Since then, Oase products and solutions have enjoyed a very good reputation among professionals due to their reliability and there are now Oase branches almost everywhere in the world. With a passion for design and a penchant for innovations in precise technology, Oase can now draw on a wealth of experience unlike any other manufacturer. Today, Oase is particularly well known in the pond and garden sector, but also offers great products for aquaristics. Particularly popular are technically sophisticated components for aquariums, such as external filters, internal filters, flow pumps and heating rods. The innovative filters of the BioMaster and FiltoSmart model series are so popular that we present them in a separate article in our Aquascaping Wiki. In the past, however, Oase has also expanded into the field of terraristics and offers technically very advanced all-in-one designer terrariums in the biOrb category.