Juwel - Lighting

With its lighting, Juwel offers beginners and old hands a competent solution for their aquarium. The MultiLux LED insert luminaire is the energy-saving replacement for the T-tube lighting that is available in the older versions of the RIO, LIDO, VISION and TRIGON aquariums. Depending on the light requirements, you can choose between three different LED lights, LED Day, LED Nature and LED Colour. To promote aquatic plants and aquarium inhabitants equally, these can be combined for an optimal colour spectrum. For small tanks, Juwel has developed the NovoLux LED White. The compact, waterproof LED can also be used wonderfully for highlights in a large aquarium.

The HeliaLux Spectrum LED is relatively new on board and comes in different sizes. With its special SMD LEDs (surface-mounted-device-LED), it supports the aquatic plants in their growth and convinces with a brilliant colour rendering. In addition, the LED light can also be placed on an open aquarium, so Juwel has this covered, too. Juwel's HeliaLux SmartControl is the perfect solution for setting the lighting time and intensity. Easy to connect, the LED light can be controlled with this LED controller via APP.