daytime - Accessories

With the onex® system, daytime has created a slim and elegant lighting system. The surface is sealed by a crystal-clear casting without any loss of light-quality, so that the LED can find its place perfectly in closed aquariums. A daytime onex® can illuminate the aquascape in wonderful light and contribute to the vitality of the aquatic plants and aquarium inhabitants. To meet all needs, daytime has chosen three different versions. With Plant, Fresh and Color, the aquarist can directly influence the overall appearance of the aquarium via the lighting.
All connections are equipped with highly flexible silicone connecting cables, which makes operation safe and easy. The beautifully designed LED strips are ready for use from a length of 20 cm and can be extended continuously up to 2 metres. To create a natural daily rhythm, the Light Control Basic Control BC16 can be used. This simulates natural lighting conditions for the aquarium during the day and at night.
In addition, various adapters are available so that really every aquarium can enjoy onex® LED lighting. There is a choice between onex® acrylic nano adapters, onex® acrylic adapters, onex® insertion/screw-on adapters and the onex® acrylic twin adapters for double lighting. A daytime lighting can also be connected with stainless steel wire suspension or integrated into existing T5/T8 lamp sockets. With its onex®, daytime has drawn from the full to create everyone's personal favourite lighting.