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    Microbe-Lift Special Blend

    Microbe-Lift Special Blend

    • Bacterial additive for a stable biological cycle
    • Breaks down organic waste
    • Improves the growth rate and nutrient intake
    • Removes odours and creates crystal-clear water
    • Reduces the frequency of changing water
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    These bacteria are compatible with biological filters and UV lights. The UV lights should be turned off for 48-72 hours after the introduction of this product. This will allow the bacteria to progress through their most active growth stage.

    Since each bottle of MICROBE-LIFT is grown individually, color variations may exist from bottle to bottle. These variations in color are not indicative of variations in product quality. Any floating particles present are suspended biofilm which slough off the sides of the bottle. Dimpling or expansion of the container is caused by pressure differences resulting from temperature variations due to the fact that the bottle is sealed.

    This product is NOT a chemical. It is harmless to humans, animals, fish and plants. Since we cannot control the pre-existing dynamics of individual aquaria, the above information and instructions are subject to many variables. Many situations may be unique in nature.


    • Dramatically reduces need for water changes
    • Reduces the frequency of cleaning
    • Good for salt and freshwater fish
    • Chemical free!
    • A new tank starter for biological cycling and boosting
    • An organic waste degrader
    • Naturally stimulates plant growth
    • Lowers ammonia levels and biologically reduces nitrates
    • Removes odors and clears cloudy water
    • Biological maintainer for established tanks
    • Enhances ability of plants to utilize light, water and nutrients
    • Breaks down residue on gravel, plants ,rocks, etc.
    • Breaks down protein foam



    The most important products manufactured by Microbe-Lift are based on a combination of different useful bacteria that further a natural balance in planted tanks or aquascapes.

    The bacteria products are biologically degradable. They bring about an improvement of water quality and strengthen the flora and fauna in the tank.

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    Dr. Rainer B.
    17th April 2014
    Microbe-Lift - Special Blend - 251 ml
    Microbe-Lift - Special Blend - 251 ml

    Hab das Produkt schon länger aufgrund von Empfehlungen im Einsatz. Wird nach jedem wöchentlichen Wasserwechsel eingesetzt. Das Wasser ist seither augenscheinlich klarer geworden.

    Marcel R.
    Super Produkt
    13th December 2014
    Microbe-Lift - Special Blend - 118 ml
    Microbe-Lift - Special Blend - 118 ml

    Hat mein Becken ruckzuck wieder gerade gezogen. Absolut empfehlenswert. Auch in Verbindung mit Microbelift Nite Out II sehr zu empfehlen.

    Dr. Rainer B.
    Für eine ausgewogene Mikrobiologie
    20th February 2015
    Microbe-Lift - Special Blend - 251 ml
    Microbe-Lift - Special Blend - 251 ml

    Seit längerem setze ich Microbe Lift Special Blend regeläßig und standardmäßig alle 14 Tage nach dem wöchentlichem Wasserwechsel ein. (mehr lesen)