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  • Bio-mechanical filter media
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  • Original replacement sponge
  • Two times active coal pad and pre-filter sponge
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  • Moderate noise level
  • Easy to install, easy to clean
  • Active coal pad and pre-filter spongeincluded
  • Secure for baby-shrimp through filter guard
  • Two-parts Intake pipe to adapt to the height of the substrate
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  • Removes oil film effectively
  • Flow rate can be adjusted
  • Suitable skimmer for 10 to 250 litre tanks
  • Also suitable as a filter for small aquariums
  • Inlet float automatically adapts to water level
AZOO - aquarium products!

AZOO was founded in 1996 by TAKIKONG CORP., a company focusing on biotechnology. The AZOO brand encompasses aquariums and aquaristic accessories. Especially in the fields of aquascaping and nano aquaristics, Flexi-Mini LED lights, filters, skimmers, white glass/Optiwhite tanks and Flexi-Mini Scape Sets offer great products, which are of course available through our webshop.