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    Rotala macrandra "Green" / "Wavy"

    Rotala macrandra "Green" / "Wavy"

    • Relatively small-leaved
    • Leaves are green to reddish
    • Variable leaf shape, longish to ovate
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    Rotala macrandra 'Green' is a relatively small, delicate variant of the species R. macrandra quite easy in cultivation. It has become known as R. macrandra "Wavy". Compared with the standard form of R. macrandra, the leaves are relatively small, longer and greener. Under strong lights, they can be wide ovoid and assume nice reddish hues. Trimming the stems ensures a nice bushy growth. If you let Rotala macrandra 'Green' reach the water surface, emerged shoots will develop, with roundish, green, shiny leaves and flower spikes with whitish flowers.

    Please be aware that the submerse form of this plant could contain snails or other invertebrates.

    Rotala macrandra 'Green' is a relatively small variety of R. macrandra and quite obviously identical with the plant that has recently gained popularity under the name R. macrandra "Wavy" in Germany.

    A stunning characteristic of this plant is that it looks very different depending on the conditions it grows in. Moderate light leads to its "typical" habit with longish, rather light green leaves and reddish stems. The leaf margins are then distinctly sawed, the leaf tip is obtuse.
    Under more intensive light, though, the leaves attain a reddish hue, and shoots may form whose leaf forms vary from ovate to round with a smooth margin. This modification is quite stable and could easily lead the layman to the conclusion that this plant belongs to an entirely different variety.

    The emersed form has round green leaves on red stems, like the "standard" land form of Rotala macrandra. (read more)

    SynonymsRotala macrandra 'Wavy'
    Complete botanical nameRotála macrándra Koehne
    UsageBackground, Midground, Street (Dutch style)
    pH value4 - 7
    Temperature tolerance18 - 30°C
    Carbonate hardness0 - 12°dKH
    General hardness0 - 30°dGH
    Can grow emersed?yes
    Rotala macrandra 'Wavy'
    Complete botanical name
    Rotála macrándra Koehne
    Background, Midground, Street (Dutch style)
    pH value
    4 - 7
    Temperature tolerance
    18 - 30°C
    Carbonate hardness
    0 - 12°dKH
    General hardness
    0 - 30°dGH
    Can grow emersed?

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    Gunnar H.
    sehr schön
    4th September 2017
    Rotala macrandra "Green" / "Wavy" - bunch
    Rotala macrandra "Green" / "Wavy" - bunch

    Eine Rotala die bei guter Beleuchtung und regelmäßige Wasserwechsel recht wüchsig ist. Hatte sie mir schwerer vorgestellt, aber bin sehr zufrieden. (mehr lesen)

    Bianca M.
    Schöne gesunde Pflanze
    30th October 2017
    Rotala macrandra "Green" / "Wavy" - bunch
    Rotala macrandra "Green" / "Wavy" - bunch

    Schöne gesunde Pflanze im Bund erhalten, gut verpackt, hat es daher auch problemlos überstanden das sie einen Tag in der Post und einen Tag bei mir warten musste. (mehr lesen)

    Matthias E.
    Sehr schöner Blickfang
    16th July
    Rotala macrandra "Green" / "Wavy" - bunch
    Rotala macrandra "Green" / "Wavy" - bunch

    Sehr schnelle Lieferung. Die Pflanze war gut verpackt und ist durch ihre tollen Farben ein echter Blickfang! (mehr lesen)