Let´s start with Q: Sansui Iwagumi by Amano
How to make the classic scape!

Sansui stone Iwagumi layout with a perfect blend of aquascape and terrestrial landscape

Nature Aquarium expresses beauty of nature in the form of an aquascape. Some Iwagumi layouts depict magnificent terrestrial landscapes, such as mountain ranges and a scenery of many odd-shaped rocks, and they blend well with aquascapes by the presence of stone arrangements, a soil mound and aquatic plants which create a flow of water. Sansui Stone is the layout material which evokes both aquascape and terrestrial landscapes.

ADA Sansui Iwagumi

Tank: Cube Garden W180xD60xH60(cm)
Lighting system: Grand Solar I (NAG-150W-Green x1, NA Lamp Twin 36W x 2) × 3, Lighting for 10 hours a day
Filter system: Super Jet Filter ES-2400 ADA Bio Rio L and ADA NA-Carbon)
Soil: ADA Aqua Soil-Amazonia, ADA Power Sand L, ADA Bacter 100, ADA Clear Super, PENAC W & PENAC P, ADA Tourmaline F
CO2: ADA Pollen Glass Beetle 50Ø, six bubbles per second with ADA Beetle Counter (ADA CO2 Tower used)
AIR: Aeration with ADA Lily Pipe P-6 for 14 hours while lighting is OFF at night
Adiitives: ADA Brighty K & ADA Green Brighty STEP 2
Water change: 1/3 water change once a week
Water quality: Watertemperature 25°C pH: 6.8 TH:20mg/ℓ

Aquatic plants:
Helanthium tenellum
Glossostigma elatinoides
Fontinalis antipyretica

Fish species:
Hemigrammus armstrongi
Crossocheilus siamensis
Otocinclus sp.
Caridina japonica

Stone Arrangement Shows Water Flow while Making the Best Use of Sansui Stone’s Features

The Sansui Stone with timber-like layered cross sections has unique features which cannot be found on other stones. As its name suggests, Sansui Stone is reminiscent of the rocky hills in Sansui paintings. This impression is further enhanced by using different sizes of these stones in combination. In this layout, mosses are wrapped around and attached to the sharp edges of the stone to show a water flow from left to right.

Stone Arrangement

ADA Stein Arrangement

Sansui Stones feature timber-like layered cross sections. To make sure that the stone’s unique shape is visible, just a moderate amount of moss is attached only to the sharp edges.

ADA Sansui nach dem Einrichten

The layout directly after setup

The Composition in Detail

ADA Sansui Detail 1

Helanthium tenellum is planted between the stones to add a natural feel to the layout. A moderate amount of moss attached to Sansui Stones produces Wabi-sabi sentiment.

ADA Sansui Detail 2

A large Sansui Stone used as the main stone (Oyaishi) is tilted to express the flow of water. Its presence stands out with the help of the stones around it.

ADA Sansui Detail 3

Sacrificial stones (Suteishi), which are almost buried in aquatic plants, are also an important factor to express water flow and add a natural touch to the Iwagumi layout.

The Video of Master Amano setting up this beautiful Scape

Source and Copyright of the article/photos/video - Aqua Design Amano - ADA