Let's start with A: W36-W45
ADA´s Nano tanks

Maintenance of small aquariums is kind of difficult due to its smaller amount of water. However, even a small aquarium system is sufficient for enjoying planted aquariums. If necessary the equipment is provided and adequate efforts are made for the maintenance. When installed on glass-made Cube Cabinet Clear together with the ADA AQUASKY, this mini system beautifully decorates your room as if an aquascape is floating in the air. This is the small and high quality aquarium system that only ADA can provide.

ADA W36 System

Used Components:

ADA Lily Pipe Spin P1 ADA Lily Pipe Mini V2 ADA Garden Mat ADA 74-YA-ver_2 ADA Tropical Amazonian ADA-clearstand-for-74 ADA Pollen Glass Mini ADA Thermometer 5mm

Tank: ADA Cube Garden W36×D22×H26cm + ADA Garden Mat for W36×D22cm
Stand: Cube Cabinet Clear for W36×D22cm + Wooden Base for W36×D22cm
Lighting: ADA AQUASKY 361
Filtration: ADA Superjet Filter ES-150 + ADA Lily Pipe Spin P-1/10Ø + ADA Lily Pipe Mini V-2/13Ø
CO2: CO2 System 74-YA/Ver.2 White + ADA Tropical Forest CO2 bottle + ADA Clear Stand for CO2 System 744 + Ball Valve White + ADA Pollen Glass Mini

Support Items:

ADA Pro Scissors Spring 2014 ADA Pro Razor Mini 2014 ADA BRIGHTY K ADA STEP 1 ADA SPECIAL LIGHTS

ADA Pro-Scissors Spring Straight type | ADA Pro Razor Mini | ADA Brighty K, ADA Green Brighty STEP 1 and ADA Green Brighty Special LIGHTS

A Small Iwagumi World

You can enjoy an Iwagumi layout that uses Manten Stone even in a small aquarium tank. A key to making the aquascape look larger is to choose aquatic plants having narrow leaves.

ADA Iwagumi small


Enjoy Mosses and Ferns

Mosses and ferns attached to driftwood provide relaxation to everyone who sees them. When we look into the aquarium, we can feel the breath of Mother Nature in the small space.

ADA Naturaquariumsmall


Image of a Japanese Stream

This is a planted aquarium made up only with Japanese aquatic plants. It does not have a striking charm but reproduces a scene with a stream that gives off a somewhat nostalgic feeling.

ADA Japanscape small


Source and Copyright of the article/photos - Aqua Design Amano - ADA