Tool Stands

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Order is a must! - Tool stands for your aquarium

A tool holder or tool stand allows you to keep all aquarium tools like sissors, tweezers, sand flatteners, fish nets and razors comfortably in one place. Many tool holders can be attached to a pane of the aquarium, so you'll have your tools close at hand and ready-to-use when working in the tank. If you would like to stay mobile when setting up aquariums, we recommend the appropriate tool bags or tool belts from our shop. These belts can be easily strapped on and provide space and compartments for a variety of aquascaping tools.

Larger tool stands, like the ADA Maintenance Stands, are more comprehensive storage devices for aquaristic tools but also fertilizer bottles and even fish food. These tool stands are small, independent pieces of furniture, which are made of stainless steel or acrylic glass.