Filter Sponge

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Filter sponges are specially developed materials used in most aquarium filters. These sponges consist of a network of tiny pores that can efficiently absorb dirt particles. Filter sponges are particularly suitable for the mechanical filtration of water.

How do they work?

The way filter sponges work is amazingly simple and effective. As water flows through the sponge, dirt particles, turbidity and unwanted solids such as dead leaves or other plant material become trapped in the pores of the sponge. This results in clear and clean water.

This mechanical filtering method is extremely effective in filtering turbidity and coarse dirt particles out of the water.

The pores of the filter sponge also provide an ideal habitat for beneficial bacteria that can convert ammonia and nitrite into harmless nitrates. This promotes biological stability in the aquarium.

The care of filter sponges is uncomplicated. They can be easily replaced or cleaned to maintain filter performance. However, they should not be boiled or treated with soaps, as this will destroy the beneficial bacteria cultures.


Filter sponges are indispensable components of an effective aquarium filter system. They help improve water quality, promote clear visibility and create a healthy environment for your aquarium inhabitants.