SKYLIGHT Hyperspot

Version 1

SKYLIGHT Hyperspot

Version 1

  • Intense colours
  • Also suitable for high aquariums
  • Reduced glaring
  • Variable colour temperature
  • Extrem poweful LEDs
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The powerful and modern Skylight Hyperspot lamps live up to their name. These lamps do not have traditional LED banks. With the help of special lenses and reflectors, almost the entire imitated RGB light is directed into the aquarium. The PAR value, i.e. the photosynthetically active radiation, reaches very high values due to this special design. Plants can thus achieve an optimal light yield even in very high aquariums and grow particularly quickly and vigorously as a result. Furthermore, the bundling of the light makes an extraordinary efficiency and a very flat design possible. The lenses also offer the advantage that the light is focused on the aquarium. An additional glare shield is therefore not necessary. The special RGB light sources of the Skylight Hyperspot luminaires are modelled on HQI lamps in their colour spectrum.

Effective spectrum

Effective spectrum

Skylight's LED technology is so advanced that it achieves a colour fidelity comparable to HQI lamps, and it produces similarly vivid water reflections for which the HQI lamps were so appreciated. Thanks to the rather wide design of 260 mm, the Hyperspot lamps can also be used to illuminate aquariums with a depth of 60 cm without any problems. Shading is also reduced by distributing the LED spots over the entire width.

Photosynthetically active radiation (PAR)

With the optionally available Skylight-Timer, the lamps of the Hyperspot series can be programmed additionally , dimmed and varied in colour temperature. Individual daylight sequences, gentle fading up and down can also be realised.


Possible set-up with acrylic stands

suspension recommendation

Suspension recommendation

Manual Hyperspot S/M/L - - download PDF


  • Powerful and modern LED technic
  • Lens technology focuses the RGB light
  • Rich an vivid colours
  • Above-average PAR value
  • No shades necessary
  • Steppless dimming with external dimmer
  • Optional available Skylight-Timer enables effects like daily schedules and altering the colourtemperature
  • Modern and slim design
  • Mirror like bottom for further boost of efficiency
  • Rope suspension in scope of delivery
  • Further optional accessories available
  • With protective foil


The LED housing is splash-proof and can therefore be operated above open aquariums without hesitation. The lamps are not suitable for operation under an aquarium cover.
A protective film may be applied to the acrylic glass and mirror surfaces, which must be removed before use.

Technical data

Note: Suitable for use in aquaristics only.

Skylight Hyperspot S Hyperspot M Hyperspot L
Colour temperature 6.500 - 9.000 Kelvin
PAR - value 140 - 160 MMol/M2/S 160 - 180 MMol/M2/S 160 - 180 MMol/M2/S
Luminous flux 4.500 lm 6.750 lm 9.000 lm
Power rating 48 W 72 W 96 W
Horticulture specifications
PPF Blue 400 - 499 nm 22,78 µmol/s 34,17 µmol/s 45,56 µmol/s
PPF Green 500 - 599 nm 20,3 µmol/s 30,45 µmol/s 40,06 µmol/s
PPF Red 600 - 700 nm 18,94 µmol/s 28,41 µmol/s 37,88 µmol/s
PPF IR >700 nm 0,052 µmol/s 0,078 µmol/s 0,104 µmol/s
PPF Total 400 - 700 nm 62,02 µmol/s 93,03 µmol/s 124,04 µmol/s
Photosynthetic efficacy 1,3 µmol/J 1,3 µmol/J 1,3 µmol/J


Skylight Hyperspot - S
Length 349 mm
Width 260 mm
Height 25 mm
Cabel length 1,5 m
Suitable for aquarium size Up to 60 x 60 x 60 cm
Skylight Hyperspot - M
Length 625 mm
Width 260 mm
Height 25 mm
Cabel length 1,5 m
Suitable for aquarium size Up to 90 x 60 x 80 cm
Skylight Hyperspot - L
Length 902 mm
Width 260 mm
Height 25 mm
Kabel length 1,5 m
Suitable for aquarium size Up to 120 x 60 x 100 cm



Since 2016 the Polish manufacturer Skylight offers innovative lightning solutions for the domain of aquaristics and terraristics. The futuristic lamps recreate the illumination spectrum of the popular AQI Lamps which are known for the respectable reflexions on the water surface. The technical very advanced lamps of Skylight offer besides features like dimming or variable colour temperature a very modern and handsome design.

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