Pellia endiviifolia

Endive Pellia

Pellia endiviifolia

Endive Pellia

  • Freshly green liverwort
  • Lighter green and smaller than Monosolenium tenerum
  • Forms dense cushions
  • Not in trade elsewhere
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The name Pellia is familiar to many aquarists because the liverwort species Monosolenium tenerum was originally brought onto the market under the erroneous name Pellia endiviifolia. Also Riccardia species are known in the hobby as "Mini Pellia" or "Coral Pellia". However, our liverwort is the true Pellia endiviifolia, the Endive Pellia. We labeled it as Pellia sp. first but have identified it by comparison with securely determined P. endiviifolia. It appeared spontaneously among mosses in an aquascape that was created with plants and materials from the company ADA. Pellia endiviifolia is widespread in the northern hemisphere, mostly in moist to wet, calcareous and nutrient-rich places, e.g. springs, streambanks and waterfalls in limestone areas. Mostly it is found above water, sometimes also submerged.
The underwater form of Pellia endiviifolia resembles Monosolenium tenerum in size and structure but it is a little smaller, lighter green and more transparent. It differs from the "Subwassertang", Lomariopsis cf. lineata, by thicker, lighter, less rounded thalli and presence of a midrib. Favorable aquarium conditions provided, it forms broad, dense cushions of bifurcated thalli in relatively short time.

Our previous experience shows that this liverwort is comparable with Monosolenium tenerum also in its demands. It develops best under strong lighting and ample CO2 and nutrient supply. When grown under water, this liverwort hardly attaches itself to the ground; it should be fixed to the hardscape or moss pads. It is recommendable to reduce big cushions before they become detached. Under low light, it will form only narrow, upright thalli. Pellia endiviifolia also grows emersed on wet, nutrient-rich substrate. We have not yet experiences with its warmth tolerance, however not too high temperatures - below 25 °C - are surely favourable.

The true Pellia endiviifolia presents an attractive, lighter green alternative to Monosolenium tenerum. In the foreground or midground or on the hardscape of well lit aquariums, its freshly green cushions are an eyecatcher and contrast well with e.g. dark green mosses. Grown emersed, the Endive Pellia should also be interesting for paludariums and Wabi-Kusa.

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