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JBL ProClean BAC

JBL ProClean BAC

  • One bottle is sufficient for freshwater aquariums from 60 - 200 l
  • Breaks down fish excrement, food residues and dead plant matter
  • Removes toxic substances (e.g. ammonium)
  • Reliably reduces nitrite levels
  • For clear, healthy water
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In the aquarium, bacteria play a decisive role for the biological balance. These invisible little helpers continuously remove fish excrements as well as plant- and food residue. Each bacterial species is specialized in certain substances. So only the "right" bacteria can guarantee a rapid, safe degradation of waste materials typically found in aquariums. JBL ProClean Bac is a highly effective, concentrated, mix-culture of carefully selected, living cleaning bacteria. Single use: twist open 50ml single dose, add to water, done!


  • For healthy fish, clear and clean aquarium water
  • During/after filter commissioning / cleaning
  • After medication
  • After water change
  • In cases of increased ammonium or nitrite content
  • During increased sludge emergence


Shake well before use and distribute the complete contents evenly in the aquarium.

One bottle is ideal for 60-200 litre aquariums. For smaller tanks it is recommended to add it in portions over several days. For larger tank, we recommend to use more than one bottle.

If the filter material is fresh, proceed as follows: To bring the biologically "right" bacteria into the aquarium right at the beginning. Timely application can prevent the colonisation of harmful germs. A new aquarium, resp. fresh filter material is almost sterile. Without active help, it can take many weeks for a stable bacterial fauna to develop. Substances toxic to fish and shrimp such as ammonia and nitrite can accumulate and threaten life in the aquarium. Aquarium inhabitants need "living water" and efficient filter bacteria as partners, which degrade the waste materials inevitably produced by them. "Feed" the aquarium water with a little fish food as a booster for your bacteria, and then add the product. If you put new fish into the aquarium, the present bacteria population is adapted to the already existing fish stock. This means that in the first moment the bacteria are not sufficient to reduce the additional water pollution by the new fish. Therefore the use of ProClean Bac will protect both, the new fish and the existing fish stock.

JBL ProClean Bac is also ideal for shrimp aquariums. The popular Caridina and Neocaridina shrimp in particular depend on clean, low-pollutant and healthy water.



JBL is a German company with a long tradition and a vast product range for aquarium enthusiasts. From high-quality fish and shrimp food over external filters to aquatic plant fertilisers - JBL offers an enormous choice for every aquarium keeper.

The research and development department of JBL constantly brings new innovative products onto the market. No matter whether you are an aquascaper, fish keeper, shrimp keeper or planted tank enthusiast, JBL offers suitable tools and accessories for all of these aspects of the hobby in order to support aquarium enthusiasts with the set-up and maintenance of their tanks.

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