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Epipremnum amplissimum "Papua New Guinea"

Epipremnum amplissimum "Papua New Guinea"

  • Also known as "Philodendron sp. Papua New Guinea"
  • Elegant tropical climbing plant
  • Very decorative in open aquariums and paludariums
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This distinctive aroid entered the trade in Japan as "Philodendron sp. 'Papua New Guinea'". To our knowledge, this plant belongs to Epipremnum amplissimum. It is a relative of the popular Golden Pothos, native to western Oceania from New Guinea to Vanuatu and also in some places of northern Australia. It climbs several meters high on trees in swamp forests. Juvenile plants, growing on the forest floor, may be fully submerged during the rainy period. Its smooth, glossy, medium to dark green leaves are variable, from broadly ovate to narrowly lanceolate. They may get about 30 cm long but mostly stay smaller in cultivation. There are forms with silverish stripe pattern on the leaves, however these are absent in our plant.
Takashi Amano used this aroid as an emersed epiphyte on driftwood branches projecting out of the water. Its long, ramified, greenish to white roots form a dense thicket under water and also grow into the bottom. This Epipremnum is also able to grow submerged, forming adscending stems with only about 6 cm long, broadly ovate leaf blade.

For its submerged culture, we recommend medium to strong lighting, CO2 addition, complete macro- and micronutrient supply via the water column and temperatures above 20 °C. Occasional trimming is necessary when the shoots are not supposed to grow out of the water.
When it is used as emersed plant, it can be fastened at the water surface, e.g. by tying on driftwood. Trimming leads to compact growth, otherwise the shoots grow beyond the edge of the aquarium, hanging down or used as climbing plant.

Epipremnum amplissimum "Papua New Guinea" provides a jungle-like appearance to natural layouts, with its foliage above water as well as with its water roots. This plant is also ideal for paludariums and rainforest terrariums.

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