Dennerle Carbo Bio Start

Dennerle Carbo Bio Start

  • Bio-CO2 in 24 - 48 hours
  • Constant CO2 supply
  • At least 40 days CO2
  • Extensive accessories
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The Carbo Bio Start bio CO2 fertiliser systems supply freshwater aquariums with a volume of up to 60 litres, or in the case of the Biostart 80, aquariums up to 80 litres, with vital CO2. The fertiliser system is ready for operation in just a few steps. CO2 production starts after only 24 to 48 hours. A pressure-resistant CO2 hose and a CO2 diffuser specially designed for low operating pressure - or optionally, a CO2 injector for connection to a Dennerle Corner Filter 40 or 60 - ensure fast, effective dissolution of the CO2 in the aquarium water.

Plants consist of almost half carbon. CO2 is therefore their most important nutrient. It serves as the basic building block of photosynthesis. Because from CO2, water and light, plants produce their most important building material and energy source: sugar. The "waste product" is oxygen.
Without the addition of CO2, the level in aquariums is always too low. The plants therefore grow only slowly or not at all. This in turn means danger of algae problems. Well-growing aquatic plants are the best prevention against algae! Only a regular addition of CO2 creates the natural basis for healthy, strong plant growth, lush green leaves and bright colours.

The carbon is produced by a 100 % natural bio-reaction. Selected microorganisms, in combination with the CO2 Constant gel developed by Dennerle, supply an almost constant amount of CO2 (per filling) for at least 40 days. In conventional DIY Bio CO2 systems that work with white household sugar, CO2 production is usually very irregular. It usually starts very quickly, but drops again sharply after just a few days, i.e. too much CO2 is produced at first, and too little later. These systems are therefore less suitable for aquaristic practice.


  • Complete set for even CO2 fertilisation
  • Biostart 60 - for up to 60 litres aquariums
  • Biostart 80 - for up to 80 litres aquariums
  • With CO2 Constant Gel made from 100 % renewable raw materials
  • For healthy, strong plants and bright colours
  • For at least 40 days of uniform CO2 production


Dennerle Carbo Bio Start 60
Diameter 72 mm
Height 252 mm
Dennerle Carbo Bio Start 80
Diameter 72 mm
Height 252 mm

Scope of delivery - Dennerle Carbo Bio Start 60

  • CO2 Mini-Topper - CO2 addition unit
  • Carbo Bio Depot 60 / 80 - Reactor with CO2 Constant Gel
  • CO2 Hose
  • Carbo Bio Activator - CO2 Special Microorganisms
  • CO2 Injector for Corner Filter 40 / 60

Scope of delivery - Dennerle Carbo Bio Start 80

  • Micro Flipper - CO2 addition device
  • 2x Carbo Bio Depot 60 / 80 - Reactor with CO2 Constant Gel
  • CO2 Hose
  • Carbo Bio Activator - CO2 Special Microorganisms



Dennerle has been operating in Vinnigen since its foundation in 1966 and, after more than 50 years of company history, the building blocks Dennerle relies on is experience. The philosophy behind Dennerle is to create a small and tangible, intact piece of nature, in harmony with the natural environment. That is why sustainability is a company-wide concept and is implemented at every possible point. In order to achieve an ecologically balanced aquarium, Dennerle relies on a system that is based on 5 pillars. Animals, plants, water, substrate and lighting. Dennerle offers the optimum equipment to bring this complex, but not complicated system into harmony.

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