• High-quality glass
  • Removable dome
  • Humidity control
  • Removable inner container
  • Elegant and functional
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The DOOA Cell is an innovative glass planter from ADA, designed for cultivating plants with increased humidity requirements. This stylish planter is not only ideal for plants that thrive in constant humidity but also perfect for growing plants native to tropical rainforests or wetlands. The special humidity control using the upper glass dome and the maintenance of soil moisture with the lower container allow for the cultivation and display of plants in a variety of environments.

The water-retaining lower container of the DOOA Cell is designed to fit a variety of interior spaces. It is available in three colours: Clear, Amber, and Emerald. By replicating the optimal environment for the plants, their true beauty can be showcased, and growth can be encouraged.

The DOOA Cell consists of several components that enable easy maintenance and optimal growing conditions. The upper glass dome, which has holes in the top and sides, ensures adequate humidity with sufficient indirect ventilation. Once a plant that requires less humidity at its mature stage is well established, the upper container can be removed to continue cultivating the plant in normal humidity conditions. The inner container can be taken out for easy watering or removal of stagnant water. Each part of the DOOA Cell is designed for easy maintenance and versatile use in various plant cultivation scenarios.

With the DOOA Cell, different plant species can be easily cared for and displayed. Solitary plants can be showcased, or small terrestrial landscapes can be created. Thanks to the thoughtful humidity control, even demanding plant species can be successfully cultivated.

Manual DOOA Cell - - download PDF


  • Made of high-quality glass
  • Available in Clear, Amber, and Emerald
  • Optimal humidity control with upper and lower containers
  • Holes for indirect ventilation
  • Removable upper container for plants that grow in normal humidity
  • Removable inner container for easy watering and cleaning
  • Elegant and functional design for indoor use
  • Including Tropical River Soil 700 ml
  • Including Pumice 150 ml


Due to the manufaacturing process, dimensions may differ slightly.

Diameter 170 mm
Height 300 mm
Top Case (Dome)
Diameter 150 mm
Height 280 mm
Inner Pot
Diameter 140 mm
Height 62 mm
Bottom Case
Diameter 170 mm
Height 75 mm

Scope of delivery

  • Bottom Case
  • Inner Pot
  • Top Case (Dome)
  • 1 bag150 ml pumice
  • 1 bag 700 ml Tropical River Soil



DOOA, which proposes new ways and styles to enjoy greenery, offers a lineup of glass containers in a variety of sizes and shapes that make it easy for anyone to start growing aquatic plants. Combined with small LED lights, you can enjoy growing aquatic plants in any place in your room. Why don’t you combine DOOA glass containers with your favorite aquatic plants and feel a peaceful moment of relaxation?

General information

Item no.
EAN 4537934513222
Weight 2,36 kg
Shipping weight 2,59 kg

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