Cryptocoryne nurii var. raubensis 'Rosen Maiden'

Cryptocoryne nurii var. raubensis 'Rosen Maiden'

  • Leaves with splendid colour pattern
  • Flat spreading leaf rosette
  • Very good aquarium suitability
  • Rare in trade
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The "Raub nurii" is a splendid water trumpet that has low requirements. The plant was scientifically described as a variety in 2013 and named after the district of Raub in the Malaysian state of Pahang. Cryptocoryne nurii var. raubensis occurs in shallow rivers and streams with sand and gravel over limestone bedrock, in the same area as the well-known Cryptocoryne affinis. The type variety C. nurii var. nurii, on the other hand, originates from soft, acidic, low-lime waters, e.g. peat swamp forests, and is clearly more demanding in cultivation.
The ovate-lanceolate submerged leaves of C. nurii var. raubensis have a striking pattern: light, whitish to pinkish midrib and lateral veins on an olive green to reddish brown ground as well as dark transverse stripes. In cultivation there are several forms with slight differences; in 'Rosen Maiden' or 'Rozen Maiden' the longitudinal veins have stronger pink tones. The emersed leaves are usually broader ovate and rather inconspicuous green. The plant forms a flat, spreading rosette of leaves, about 20 - 30 cm wide and 10 cm high, as well as underground runners. Typical for var. raubensis are submerged inflorescences with an elongated stem (peduncle). In nature, this allows the spathe to reach the water surface and pollinating insects to reach the flowers on the spadix inside.

Cryptocoryne nurii var. raubensis has similarly low requirements as the proven water trumpets from the Sri Lanka group (C. wendtii, C. beckettii etc.). Cryptocorynes should, however, generally be placed in tanks that are already established and cycled, this applies especially to young plants from tissue culture. Nutrient-rich substrate or a substrate fertiliser is recommended. The plant still grows in low light, but unfolds its full splendour with at least moderate light intensity. Adding CO2 is not absolutely necessary, but can promote growth. The plant has no special demands on the water chemistry and grows at low to medium carbonate hardness. As with most Cryptocorynes, about 23 to 26 °C should be optimal. Growth is relatively slow. Propagation is easy by cutting off stolons or daughter rosettes at the base.

Cryptocoryne nurii var. raubensis 'Rosen Maiden' is still a rarity at the moment, but deserves wide distribution in the aquarium hobby. It is an eye-catcher with its special leaf pattern, especially as a group in the foreground to middle ground of aquariums.

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