Chihiros Aqua Soil B-stock

Chihiros Aqua Soil B-stock

  • New developed aquarium soil
  • Resists degradation
  • Supports plant growth
  • Also suitable for sensitive plants
  • B-stock
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The Chihiros Aqua Soil is a new aquascaping soil development, specially designed to meet very high demands over time. The substrate is made from the highest quality materials, carefully selected to promote healthy plant growth and create a natural-looking aquatic environment.

Rich reserves of essential nutrients and minerals are contained in the Soil to provide the plants with exactly what they need. The Chihiros aquatic plant soil thus uses pH buffer technology to adjust the water quality to a slightly acidic environment between 6,8 and 6,2, depending on the local water quality. This sustainably supports the growth of aquatic plants. The unique structure of the soil balls supports the root development of the aquatic plants as well as the formation of helpful bacteria strains. This cultivates a natural environment to ideally maintain and develop the aquarium ecosystem.

Soil is the optimal choice for creating a lush and vibrant underwater landscape. With the right Soil as a starting point and the easy handling, ideal conditions for an attractive and low-maintenance aquarium are met right from the start.


  • Special structure of the Soil balls prevents premature decomposition
  • For optimal plant growth
  • Rich reserves of essential nutrients and minerals
  • Water hardness is slightly reduced by the Soil
  • Also suitable for shrimps after the run-in phase
  • B-stock

Note - B-stock

This item is sold as B-stock. The packaging of the item is damaged.


  • The instructions should be read and understood completely before using the Soil.
  • The Soil must NOT be used together with fish medication! Chihiros accepts no responsibility for the death of aquatic plants if the Soil is used together with fish medication or in an improper manner.
  • The water may take on a slight yellow colour due to the chemical components of Chihiros Aqua Soil. This effect can be remedied by changing the water several times.
  • Aqua Soil is only suitable as a substrate for aquariums, not as food.
  • Store product properly and keep out of reach of children/away from children.
  • Store at room temperature and seal the packaging after drying.


  • It is not necessary to wash the Soil before use
  • The Aqua Soil should be spread evenly on the aquarium floor
  • The depth of the Soil layer should depend on the size of the aquarium and the type of plants being used. 6 - 8 cm is usually sufficient. Our Soil Calculatorcan help if you are unsure.
  • Small holes in the substrate facilitate planting and space for the roots. Sufficient space should be left between each plant to allow for growth and side shoots as well as to avoid overcrowding.
  • Slowly fill the aquarium with water. If possible, the substrate layer should not be stirred up.
  • After setting up, the aquarium should NOT be immediately stocked with fish or shrimp. First of all, wait for the so-called run-in phase. It is advisable to carry out a 50 % water change every three days during the start-up phase.
  • To maintain the aquascape, the plants should be pruned regularly. Dead leaves and debris from the substrate must be removed from time to time.
  • Fertiliser or other additional nutrients can still be helpful to promote healthy plant growth.


  • 52,21 % SiO2 (silicon dioxide)
  • 17,25 % Al2O3 (aluminium oxide)
  • 13,65 % Fe2O3 (iron(II,III) oxide)
  • 10,00 % activated carbon
  • 6,89 % CaO (calcium oxide)



Chihiros Aquatic Studio is a technology company specialised in aquatic products. Since the foundation in 2014 the name Chihiros has produced some significant waves. Through good quality and an excellent price-performance ratio, a sustainable and growing influence on the market of aquaristic technology could be achieved. With innovative ideas, such as lamps that can be controlled via Bluetooth and WIFI, chic designs and, above all, a lot of technology at attractive prices, Chihiros has been able to secure a firm place in many living rooms and hearts of aquarium enthusiasts. In addition to LED lamps, the product range also includes accessories for aquarium filters, tools and glassware.

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