AQUARIO Neo Skimmer V.2


AQUARIO Neo Skimmer V.2


  • Innovative surface Skimmer for filter outflow
  • Removes surface scum effectively
  • Version 2 + invincible
  • Adjustable flow
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The AQUARIO NEO Skimmer in Version 2 including invincible parts is built as a topper for the Neo Flow Set. This innovative and transparent attachment is made out of PETG (Polyethylene terephthalate modified with Glycol). In contrast to other skimmers, it is not attached to the filter inflow but the filter outflow. Therefore, it could be designed very small and discreet, does not take as much precious space in the aquarium and does not appear as bulky as other skimmers. Moreover, the Neo Skimmer convinces with its minimalistic design and its shatterproof body. It is ideal for purisitic aquascapes because the subtle design does not distract the sight.


Neo Auslauf mit Neo Skimmer

The Neo Skimmer cares for a cristal-clear water surface by shredding the unwanted bacteria film into very fine parts so that it loses its buoyancy. This process also promots the gas exchange at the surface. Over time, the cruhsed bacteria film is sucked into the filter through the inflow, where they are biologically dismantled.

In addition to its other persuasive features, the skimmer has an adjustable flowrate. The bevelled pipe can be rotated in the outflow tube for this purpose. Even at a very slow flow rate, the skimmer removes scum very effectively.

The included AQUARIO Invincible Parts extend the Neo Skimmer Version 2 with an improved version with 65% more air volume for more effective oil film removal and stable buoyancy. In addition, an optional suction protection net allows small aquatic creatures to be protected from being sucked in without impairing performance.


  • Skimmer made of PETG
  • Minimalistic design
  • Transparent and shatterproof material
  • Flowrate can be adjusted
  • Inclusive Invincible Parts


For the optimal work of the skimmer V.2, the short side of the old version inlet is too short with its 8 cm, because the skimmer reaches a bit further into the water than the first version. To be able to use the V.2 skimmer without any reduction of power, the long side of the inlet is shortened to 11 cm. The pipe can then be hung in the pool with the shortened side and the V.2 skimmer. A simple saw can be used to shorten the pipe.

Kürzen der Pipe für Skimmer V.2

As you can see in the photo, the dimensions refer to the inner side of the pipe.


Neo Skimmer M - 13 mm
Width 15 mm
Height 50 - 80 mm
Depth 50 mm
Diameter of the tube 13 mm
Diameter of the skimmer body 19 mm
Neo Skimmer L - 17 mm
Width 20 mm
Height 45 - 71 mm
Depth 65 mm
Diameter of the tube 17 mm
Diameter of the skimmer body 20 mm


When algae start forming on your PETG equipment or when larger and larger bubbles emerge from your ceramic diffusor it is time for cleaning. PETG-ware is easy to clean, however, it should be done diligently. After the cleaning process, your PETG products will be as good as new.

  • You'll need a household bleach containing chlorine without perfumes. When working with chlorine bleach, please make sure you absolutely observe the manufacturer's safety notes.
  • Pour some of the bleach into a container and mix with an equal amount of water. Mix so much of this solution that the PETG products you wish to clean are entirely covered
  • Soak the PETG-ware in the solution for 1 to 4 hours (depending on the severity of the stains)
  • Take it out and rinse thoroughly
  • Now all the stains ought to be gone, and your PETG-ware should shine as if new

You'll find an extensive how-to (in German) with pictures in our Aquascaping Wiki under Glaswaren reinigen.



The manufacturer AQUARIO specialises in high-quality acrylic CO2 diffusers, very efficient bio- CO2 systems and other useful accessories for aquaristics. The Korean brand, which has been in existence since 2010, follows the guiding principle of offering every aquarist the opportunity to create a near-natural aquascape with the help of its product range. Therefore, AQUARIO offers very elegant and discreet aquarium accessories that do not disturb the layout of an aquarium. Furthermore, they are constantly working on optimising their products as well as expanding the product range with new innovations. Since 2019, the product range is available all over the world.

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