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Minerals and hardening salts for your aquarium

Minerals fulfil a wide range of tasks in the aquarium. They play an important role in keeping the metabolic processes of bacteria, aquarium plants and aquarium animals running. Without minerals no nutrient utilization would be possible, without minerals there would be no growth in plants or animals, shrimp would suffer from moulting problems and deficiency symptoms would shape the picture. For healthy, splendidly growing aquatic plants with intensive colours and for vital, colourful fish, shrimp, crabs, snails and other aquarium animals you need a healthy mineral mixture in your aquarium.

Especially if you have decided to use osmosis water or water from a demineralizer in your planted aquarium or aquascape, you need hardening salts that contain minerals to harden the water and to supply your aquarium with the vital minerals in a balanced form.

For this purpose you can buy various liquid and powdery mineral additives and hardening salts here in the Aquasabi online shop: Shirakura's Liquid Mineral Ca+ provides your aquarium with calcium, as does White Mineral Powder, which shrimp and crabs need to build a solid and healthy shell. With the Liquid Mineral GH+ from GlasGarten it is possible to specifically increase your total hardness without influencing the carbonate hardness, and with Minerax from Borneo Wild you can also specifically add minerals in a balanced mixture to your shrimp or plant aquarium. Seachem's pH reducer Discus Buffer ensures that the water is soft and that the pH is set and maintained at a level of 5.8 to 6.8, which is particularly important for discus fish.

The very natural looking mineral stones by Mironekuton, Borneo Wild and Shirakura are simply placed inside your aquarium. Here, the specific minerals needed dissolve by themselves. Shrimp and snails graze the mineral-rich stones with enthusiasm. Since dwarf shrimp in particular depend on mineral intake through their food, mineral stones are a valuable and important addition to the daily diet of your little crawlers.