daytime - matrix

With the matrix lighting from daytime, the aquarist gets a unique and modular system for his home. With a wide range of options, the LED can be adjusted to suit any aquarium and any living situation. The highly professional LED lighting system was sealed using a polyurethane thick-film encapsulation. Thus, the light quality remains unchanged at a high level and each module is waterproof. This means that the matrix LED can also be used in a closed aquarium without any problems.
The module housing itself is CNC-milled from anodised aluminium with seawater resistance according to DIN 81249-1. To ensure that the lighting can also be used directly on an open pool, the integrated "inline adapter system" with rubberised support surfaces is used. This can be fixed infinitely with a stainless steel V4A screw.
The profile rails ensure the flexible size. The rails are available in lengths from 16,6 cm for small aquascapes to over 2 metres for a large aquarium. All interfaces in the cabling are protected by a professional IP67 plug-in system, which makes handling the matrix even easier and safer.
In addition, extensive accessories provide unique solutions so that every aquarium can have optimal lighting. For an individual appearance, various adapter & design profiles are available and time-based control has also been thought of.