Chihiros - Aquariums

Chihiros aquariums and terrariums are the first choice for nano aquascaping and terrascaping, at particularly attractive prices.

Chihiros is not just one brand among many, but an aquaristic philosophy is associated with this name. The beauty and naturalness of an underwater landscape should be tangible for everyone, and for Chihiros this means that professional equipment does not always have to be particularly expensive. Quality is of crucial importance and the developers at Chihiros put a lot of effort into offering the best possible solutions at particularly attractive prices.

The result of passionate research and development are efficient LED lighting systems, creative aquarium and terrascaping sets, coolers and other innovative accessories up to advanced CO2 regulators - Chihiros sets standards in terms of price/performance.

So why choose a Chihiros aquarium? It's simple: Chihiros develops careful and thoughtful solutions to ensure the optimal growth of aquatic plants, while creating an aesthetically pleasing environment for the underwater inhabitants.

Through its renowned LED aquarium lighting products, the Chihiros brand is now recognised worldwide as a serious alternative to other manufacturers. The Glass Air Aquariums as well as the ECO Ping or the Tiny Egg Terrarium are also equipped with energy-saving and powerful lights from Chihiros, offer a strong lighting intensity as well as a long service life, so that the underwater landscapes can be admired for many years.

The world of Chihiros aquariums can be discovered today. Dive into a fascinating underwater journey. Visit our online shop to discover our extensive range and get more information about our products.