Twinstar LED Lights - an overview
An overview of the different lighting models

The manufacturer Twinstar has an extensive range of LED illumination products for aquariums and aquascapes to offer. We explain the differences and decrypt for you the abbreviations and model names.

E series


The E series was the first LED lighting, that the manufacturer introduced to the aquaristic market. These are aquarium lights with additionally installed red, green and blue LEDs (ie RGB). The amount of colored LEDs makes the light appear a bit darker to the human eye, but provides a better accentuation of the colors. More information can be found here.
The lamps are available in various lengths for standard aquarium sizes. The fixed attachment variants of these lamps are equipped with transparent holders made of acrylic glass. Furthermore, there are versions in the E-series, whose length can be varied via extendable metal pins.These adjustable variants can be recognized by the abbreviation EA in the model name. The Twinstar E-Series adjustable models have a 15 to 30 cm clearance in length, depending on the type.

S series

S series

The S series lights are likewise RGB powered. This series represents the flagship of Twinstar LED systems. In comparison to the E series, the lamp casings were designed a little wider, can house more LEDs and enhance the aquarium’s illumination. The power (in Watt) of the S models is thus higher, as is the RGB content. The color accentuation is again significantly better better than with the E series. The standard models of the S series are equipped with slim, dark anodized metal mountings. Furthermore, versions with adjustable pins (A = Adjustable) and suspended lamps (P = Pendant style) are also available. More information about this series can be found in this articlel.

C serie


In contrast to the E and S series, this model series only has pure white light-emitting diodes without an RGB component. The lumen/light output is thus correspondingly higher. The C series by Twinstar is on a par with lighting systems of other renowned manufacturers with about 120 lumen/watt. Anyone who, as a buyer, focuses on the highest possible power savings, is well advised with the C series, especially as the purchase price is also very favorable.
The C series lamps have the typical aluminum body and the adjustable version is the delivery standard. In other words: The mountable lights are adjustable in length by use of movable metal pins along the sides of the light’s casing. The lamps of the C-series are available in two standard lengths: 30 cm (extendible up to approx. 45 cm) and 60 cm (extendible up to approx. 70 cm).


No matter what series, Twinstar's model name always consists of a combination of a number and one or more letters. The number indicates the length of the lamp (in millimeters) or represents the edge length of the aquarium, for which the respective lamp is suitable.
The following letter stands for the respective series of a Twinstar LED light, so E, S or C. If there is another letter attached, it indicates the type of attachment. So the letter P stands for “pendant” style - the light therefore a suspended lamp. The letter A is the abbreviation for "adjustable". These models work as mouning lights, but are adjustable in length using metal pins. Thus, they can also be attached to aquariums with custom dimensions (like a tank with 70 cm edge length).

An example for a model designation: Twinstar 600SP means a light for 60cm edge length, from the S series in pendant style (a suspended light).

S series suspended light