The difference between daytime cluster and cluster control
Light control

We have already explained the differences between the cluster and eco series manufactured by daytime in this article. But what is cluster control?

daytime cluster control 60.2

Cluster control

Cluster control is not part of the standard cluster series by daytime, but a special series in its own right. As the name suggests, it is all about light control in the aquarium. This series offers you a daylight simulation including simulated thunderstorms and drifting clouds, variations in light colours and numerous possibilities of dimming.
For this reason, the LED modules of the cluster control series are fully fitted with white, blue and red LEDs. The light color thus created is called UBRW (ultra blue red white) by daytime. The coloured LEDs also enable you to create sunrises and can serve as a moonlight during the night.

daytime cluster control Kabel

The most prominent feature of the cluster control series is a multipolar plug system (different from the plug system in the cluster and eco series).
In addition you will need a compatible daylight simulator or an LED controller for operating a cluster control lamp.

daytime lighting control LC 14

The LED controller manufactured by daytime, for example, is easy to connect to the lamp and the power supply unit and it is easy to program. Besides three modes (day, pause, night) you also have features like sunrise, a thunderstorm simulation and drifting clouds, which are very easy to activate.