Feed glassware in aquascaping
Feeding your animals with aesthetic helpers

In aquascaping, the aesthetics of a layout are paramount. If you want to keep it aesthetic when feeding the fish, you can fall back to using various glassware to feed the animals. We’ll present the various products in more detail right here.

Food Glass

Aquasabi - Food-Glass - Conic

The Aquasabi Food Glass products are elegant food dispensers made of glass. With them, even feeding fish turns into a design experience. They are available in two designs: as conic or cubic version. They are loaded with dry fish food (preferably granules, flakes are suitable as well). Via a spring loaded switch, the food dispenser is operated with a simple *click*, opening at the bottom and releasing a portion of feed. Constant skin contact with the feed is prevented this way. An appropriate acrylic glass holder is available, too and is fixed to the aquarium’s side pane.

Skin contact with fish food can have some pretty unpleasant effects, especially for allergy sufferers. Red mosquito larvae are often used in the feed formulas, which can have sensitive people suffer from downright unpleasant allergic reactions. So, especially if you’ve ever had a rash or itch after having fish food in your fingers, you should start thinking about a feed aid.

Aquasabi - Food-Glass - Stand

Feed trays

Feed trays made of glass are available in various sizes. These are simply placed onto the substrate and precisely loaded with feed using tweezers or a feeding tube, for ground-dwellers like shrimp, snails or catfish.

Aquasabi - feed tray

The tray prevents food particles from seeping into the ground and causing putrefaction. Uneaten feed can be easily siphoned off with a hose. If you want to learn more about feed trays and shrimp feeding, please check out our article right here.

Feed Glass

Aquasabi - Feed Glass

The Feed Glass-products are excellent glasswares for feeding sinking frost- or live feed. Worms like e.g. Tubifex or enchytraeidae are dispensed slowly and steadily through the slots.
The Feed Glass is also perfect for thawing and dispensing frost feed. Just put a feed cube into the Feed Glass, after time the feed will thaw and sink to the bottom of the aquarium tank (given a corresponding size of the food resp. feed animals). The feed will stay put in its designated spot in the aquarium tank and won’t spread as badly in the aquarium. It’s also not getting sucked away by the surface skimmer. The Feed Glass is an excellent aid for targeted feeding.