Let´s start with Q: Layout Conception
A piece of nature at home!

What does “learning from nature” specifically mean?

ADA SWQ Naturaufnahme

From natural landscapes, we can get various informations including fallen trees and how plants grow.

ADA moos scape

Moss grown on driftwood holds time passage and a sense of Wabi-Sabi

Through the observation of real nature, we input the information about the environment, biological diversity and aesthetic factors of landscapes. Then, we holistically combine these information and output it as a layout expression. From ecosystem and biological system supporting the natural environment, to the stones in rivers and sea shores, from the plant distribution including hierarchy in the forest, to rustic and profound landscape, every information and feeling we get, when we place ourselves in nature, will become a source of our creativity. We can feel Amano Takashi’s own view on nature from his Nature Aquarium. It is absolutely because Amano has been observing nature more than anyone else through photographing of natural landscapes.

Is it a realistic view to recreate natural landscapes in Nature Aquarium?

Unlike diorama-like layout, the Nature Aquarium is not a hobby to express a miniature of an actual natural landscape. The most important thing is to create an aquascape layout which perfectly harmonizes with swimming fish and provides a conducive habitat environment for fish.

ADA Naturaquarium

This is an open-type Nature Aquarium with a perfect habitat environment for fish. A waterfront environment with a seamless link of emersed and submersed aquatic plants is recreated in this layout.

Do we have to change aquarium water and clean the aquarium?

The aquarium environment is kept stable by the effect of our ecosystems. Yet, periodical water change and cleaning of aquariums is essential to deal with dirt/sludge buildup and growing aquatic plants. Aquarium with lush aquatic plants has a self-purification feature by various functions of aquatic plants, such as supply of oxygen by photosynthesis, water purification and inhibition of fish diseases, to name a few. furthermore, the roots of aquatic plants, together with microorganisms, enhance and stabilize the substrate environment.

ADA aquasoil plants

Aquarium water is purified by leaves and roots of aquatic plants. In this way, a healthy environment is created in the aquarium. Dense aquatic plants serve as a filter.

ADA SWQ trimmen

We need to fully understand the characteristics of each species of aquatic plants to do any maintenance work including trimming of plants. This will lead to further interest in nature and environment.

Source and Copyright of the article/photos - Aqua Design Amano - ADA