Let´s start with Q: Keeping Fish
The key for healthy fishes

What fish can be added to aquarium?

Small tropical fish which seldom eat aquatic plants are suitable for an aquarium. Angelfish and Discus can be added to a large aquariums. The fishes that swim very actively, or dig the substrate soil as its nature, or harm other fish are not suitable to be kept in an aquarium. When mixing different species of fish in an aquarium, pay attention to their preferred swimming levels and food consumption rate.

Trigonostigma espei Pterophyllum scalare Paracheirodon innesi

Trigonostigma espei | Pterophyllum scalare | Paracheirodon innesi

A large aquarium with a water depth of at least 60cm is required to keep angelfish. Angelfish cannot be kept together with shrimps as this fish attack shrimp.

What should we keep in mind when introducing new fish into an aquarium?

If the temperature and pH greatly differ between the water in the plastic bag and aquarium water, thorough acclimation is necessary. In addition, the use of additives containing mucosa protection ingredients, such as ADA Rio Base and Do!be Relax, and ADA Phyton Git containing disinfectant agent are recommended in view of the fact that the newly arrived fish sometimes have damaged mucous membrane on their snout and body surface due to rough contact with other fish when scooped with a net or in the plastic bag. Observe the newly introduced fish closely immediately after they are added to the aquarium.

ADA Phyton Git use Fishintroducing

Before introducing purchased fish into an aquarium, float the plastic bag holding the fish in the aquarium for a while.

What fish food should we use and how do we feed them?

SUIKEI FOOD is a flake-type fish food for a versatile range of fish species. For fish that eat only fine-granule food or avoid eating food floating on the water surface, Fish Food AP series and AP Gold series can be an option. Feed the fish only an amount that they can consume in a few minutes while observing how they eat. Ideal feeding of granule-type AP series is made easy with ADA AP-Glass Feeder.

ADA AP-1 Food ADA AP-1 Food detail Sukei Food Sukei Food detail

It is important to choose fish food according to the size of fish’s mouth and how they eat food.

ADA fish feeding

The point of feeding is to feed an amount that is sufficient for all of the fish with minimum amount of leftovers.

Is aeration necessary even for aquarium with fish?

Aeration is not necessary during the daytime when aquatic plants perform photosynthesis and produce a lot of oxygen. On the other hand, it is safer to do the aeration after the lighting is turned off at night because aquatic plants respire but do not perform photosynthesis during night time. When the dissolved oxygen level decreases, the activities of filter bacteria slow down and it can lead to an oil film on the water surface and cloudy aquarium water.

ADA Lily Pipe Ausfluss

Aeration can be done easily by fixing Lily Pipe in a position where almost half of its outflow port comes above the water surface.

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