DOOA Mistflow
Nebuliser for aquaterrariums

Every month, the manufacturer Aqua Design Amano (ADA) publishes interesting facts, useful methods and product information in this section, which can be helpful when setting up and designing a nature aquarium and aquaterrarium. This time we present the new DOOA Mistflow, a nebuliser developed for the Terra 30 system. It keeps emerse aquarium plants and epiphytes healthy and beautiful, providing high humidity.

The Mistflow creates high humidity and the atmosphere of a cloud forest inside the System Terra 30.

The Mistflow is a nebuliser for the Terra 30 system, which lays an even veil of mist over the emersed plants. The Mistflow is installed inside the filter chamber of the Terra 30. Three replacement plates for the nebuliser are included, as well as the tool necessary to replace them.

Sufficient humidity is vital when keeping emersed aquatic plants and epiphytes.

DOOA  System Terra 30

This aquaterrarium layout shows a so-called edge biotope between the water and land zones. For this kind of layout, emerse plants are used. The System Aquarium DOOA System Terra 30 has a built-in filter that makes it really easy to operate the aquaterrarium. Many different mosses, emersed aquarium plants and epiphytes can be planted on the Wabi-Kusa Mat. The plants naturally need water, and that's what they get with the original ADA cascade overflow. Here the water falls down over the whole wall. However, if the plants get drier because of the indoor climate, or if you want to cultivate plants that need very humid air, they may not grow well. Especially emerse aquarium plants, sun-loving plants, and tropical epiphytic plants need very high humidity. You could spray them with water regularly for this, but you'd really have to be consistent, never forgetting to spray so that the leaves won't dry up. With the nebuliser Mistflow, which was specially designed for the Terra 30 system, this task becomes much easier. It is placed in the filter chamber and produces a lot of mist, thus providing high humidity to the wall. This creates the atmosphere of a cloud forest, which gives the aquaterrarium a very natural appearance.

Installation instructions for the Mistflow

Flow limiter

The flow limiter is set so that the running water fills about half of the cascade overflow.

Inserting the sponge

The filter sponge is inserted into filter 1 of the System Terra 30 so that it remains 8 cm from the top edge.

Installing the Mistflow

Now place the Mistflow on the filter sponge. Ensure a firm stand. The sensor for the water level must be completely submerged.

Filter cover

Then put the filter cover back on the System Terra 30 after you have affixed a protective sticker to the cover so that it is hit directly by the water jet.

fog production begins

The mist begins to flow over the cascade overflow when the Mistflow is plugged in. If no fog is produced, please check the water level.

splashing water

If the filter cover is not placed, water and the mist produced by the Mistflow will splash out when the Mistflow is started.

Installation of the glass cover

without cover

Tip! The separately available glass cover for the System Terra 30 helps to channel the airflow, and the fog falls over the wall even more beautifully. For installation you need four additional 5 mm Cube Garden Hooks.

with cover

Replacing the nebuliser plate

Unscrew nebuliser

The nebuliser plate must be replaced approximately every 3-4 months. To do this, insert the exchange tool for the plate into the slot of the fixing ring and turn the tool counterclockwise.


Remove the fixing ring and remove the old nebuliser plate. Be sure to leave the O-ring inside in place!


Insert the new nebuliser plate and fix it with the fixing ring. Use the tool for this. The white side must face upwards.

Source and copyright of the article/photo - Aqua Design Amano - ADA