Getting rid of algae: the bleach bath method
Removing algae from your Anubias

To first answer the basics concerning algae, we recommend digging into this article first.

Especially slow-growing epiphytes like Anubias get colonized by algea quite frequently. If it is possible to remove the plants from the aquarium tank, there is an easy method to clean the plants outside. This treatment is only suitable for hard-leaved plants like Anubias, though and not transferable to plants with softer leaves.


cut off the affected leaves

Once you have taken the plant out of the aquarium, you first cut away particularly bad spots with scissors. Now a chlorine bleach bath is prepared. Mix together 20 parts of water and 1 part of bleach in a suitable vessel. For this you can use ordinary household bleach from the drugstore. Then, the plant is placed in the water/bleach mixture. For handling the plant, we recommend using tweezers, to prevent skin contact with the mixture.

sink it!

After a while (ca. 5 to 15 min) the algae will get noticably brighter. Now the plant is taken out of th mix - again using tweezers and placed in a clear water bath.

retrieve it!

Some water conditioner should be added to the mixture, to remove chlorine residue. Afterwards the plant is rinsed thoroughly under running water.

rinse it!

Remaining algic residue can be easily wiped off the Anubias.

rub it!

Finally, the plant is rinsed off again, as well as the tool used. The aquatic plant can now be put back into the aquarium.

Safety instructions and disclaimer

This treatment can only be done outside the aquarium. Please note the safety instructions of the respective product before use. Direct contact to skin, eyes and clothing should be avoided as well as direct contact with aquarium animals and other aquatic plants. Protective clothing (goggles, gloves) is recommended. Application at your own risk! We assume no liability for any possible damage.