Feeding dish for shrimp
For shrimp feeding

Dwarf shrimp such as animals from the genera Caridina and Neocaridina are a popular stock for nano aquariums. In nature, these small decapods feed mainly on algic growth and biofilms, but also on detritus, plant remains, dead insects, insect larvae and the like. Especially in breeding a varied feeding improves the vitality of the shrimp. Especially young shrimp need food of an appropriate particle size. Unfortunately, fine-grained food, such as dust- or wet food, tends to seep into coarser soil. There is a risk, that decomposing food residues will emit pollutants dangerous to the shrimp.

food sinks into the substrate

A remedy for this is the permanent placing of a feed tray in the shrimp tank. These feed trays are usually made of glass and available in different sizes. The high edge prevents food particles from spilling over and sinking into the ground. Remaining food leftovers can also be easily syphoned off with a hose. The animals get used to their fixed feeding place quite quickly, but it can be placed in other spots from time to time, without problem.

feed tray

To prevent getting your hands wet, tweezers or even better, a feeding tube are very handy tools. The feeding tube is available in a length of 30 or 40 cm.

feeding tube

The lower end of the feeding tube is placed over the feed tray. Food is filled into the funnel-like upper end, which will sink through the tube directly into the tray.

feed tray

This method is particularly convenient when adding wet food, which would otherwise spread quickly in the water. But also other feeds, offered as granules or sticks can easily be given using the combination of feeding tube and feed tray. After placing the food, you just take the tube out of the aquarium again.