Treatment with Easy Carbo
Fighting algae with Easy Carbo

In order to get answers to basic questions all around algae in the aquarium, we recommend you read this article first.

The product Easy Carbo is especially suited for controlling red algae like staghorn algae or black beard algae. Usually, red algae are not exactly the favorite food of algae-eating aquarium animals. Moreover, these algae are hard to remove manually. A treatment with Easy Carbo is therefore quite the elegant solution. This product is also suitable to fight minor local populations of blue-green algae or green algae in an aquarium. For fighting these algae types we specifically recommend a treatment with hydrogen peroxide, though, as this is more efficient against green and blue-green algae.

Please note

As a general remark please allow us to say that Easy Carbo, depending on the dosage, can use up a lot of oxygen in the water. We thus recommend the use of this product in the morning, at the beginning of the lighting phase. If you treat for a longer time, and with a high dosage of Easy Carbo, please make sure your aquarium is well-aerated. To be on the safe side, add an air stone or raise your filter outlet. If you added an overdose, change the largest amount of water possible (at least 50%) at once as a countermeasure.

Local treatment

If only a few spots in the aquarium are infested with algae, they can easily be treated by fogging. For exact instructions, please go to this article. Especially with brush algae, fogging with Easy Carbo is very efficient. A local treatment makes a lot of sense if the algae grow on the decoration or on technical equipment. Aquatic plants may suffer damage when the algae growing on them are fogged with an algicide. In this case, we rather recommend a treatment of the entire tank.

Treating the entire tank

Treating the tank entirely is recommendable if the aquarium is infested with a lot of algae or if the algae grow mainly on the plants. Simply add the product to the water, ideally in an area with a strong current so it can spread in the entire tank. For a general treatment, choose a somewhat larger dosage of Easy Carbo than for fogging. Add the product once a day, for several days in a row.


Easy Carbo is highly effective against all red algae when added at the standard dosage or double the dosage of 1-2 ml per 50 liters, given that you fog them. For treating the entire tank, add the maximum amount recommended by the manufacturer (2 ml per 50 liters), and, if necessary, increase this amount in steps to a maximum dosage of 4 ml per 50 liters of aquarium water. Keep the tank under close observation as this remedy can cause a significant oxygen depletion in the water. If your fish and invertebrates show signs of discomfort, start countermeasures immediately (see above).
A few days into this treatment, the red algae will turn white or a light pink. This is a sign of their dying off. You can then stop adding the remedy. Algae-eating shrimp will now eat those algae very efficiently.

Green algae that are treated locally usually need a longer time to die off than red algae. They will lose their green color after around a week. Algae-eaters will also dispense of dead green algae very efficiently and quickly.


Please read the safety instructions of each product before use. Avoid direct contact with skin, eyes and clothing, as well as direct contact with animals or aquatic plants. We recommend the use of protective gear (goggles, gloves). Use at your own risk! We do not assume any responsibility for damages that may result from this treatment.