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  • Prevents water from penetrating into devices
  • Check Valve made of plastic
  • For 4/6 mm hoses
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  • Sturdy material
  • Quick installation
  • Easy handling
  • For a firm grip
  • 24 mm diameter
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  • Safe catching of fish
  • Soft and non-hazardous net
  • Rectangular shape
  • Various sizes
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  • Air Tube for freshwater aquariums
  • Available in 3 and 6 meters
  • Versatile in use
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  • Made of high-quality glass
  • Easy assembly with suction cups
  • Unobstrusive & simple design
  • Good readability
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  • Thermometer with app control
  • Can record all data
  • Works with Wi-Fi
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  • High quality In-/Outflow Set made of glas
  • For a professional look
  • Only suitable for open aquariums
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  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • Universal aquarium substrate cleaner
  • Suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquariums
Aquael - Accessories

For a successful aquarium, you need more than just the basics, and Aquael has a range of successful and inexpensive solutions.
The range extends from scissors and tweezers to the classic landing net. For a clean aquarium, the glass cleaners equipped with magnets and the bottom cleaners are indispensable. The portfolio also includes thermometers for the right water temperature and shrimp hiding places so that the cute invertebrates can really feel at home. Aquael offers all these little things that enrich the aquarium experience at a good price, so that every aquarist can embark on a journey into their underwater world.