WIO Stone Sets Elderly Stone

WIO Stone Sets Elderly Stone

  • Rounded stone sets
  • Unique stone with white layers
  • Ideal for Iwagumi style aquascapes
  • May harden the water
  • Stone size 1 - 25 cm
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Elderly Stone from WIO is a highly sought-after type of stone for aquascaping because of its distinctive texture and striking "crack pattern". Elderly Stone is also known and highly prized in the trade under the names, Frodo Stone, Ancient Stones or European Manten Stone. Unique features include complex and deep cracks in sometimes geometric shapes, as well as crevices and fissures reminiscent of ice or snow, giving the stone a unique appearance.

The colouring ranges from brownish to grey, with larger pieces having a strong character that sets the atmosphere of the layout. The jagged texture and cracks create a sense of wabi-sabi, making it perfect for iwagumi style and high rock formations.

Elderly Stone can also be ideally combined with wood for a very natural look. Each piece is unique, making it a great choice for aquascaping enthusiasts who want to add character and personality to their aquarium or terrarium.

Elderly Stone can slightly increase pH and water hardness, making it ideal for aquariums with soft water types. The versatility, uniqueness and striking appearance make this type of rock a popular choice with hobbyists and professionals alike.


  • A highly sought-after stone with a unique, rough texture and a "cracked" pattern
  • Ideal for creating high rock formations with a sense of wabi-sabi and perfect for the iwagumi style
  • Can be combined with wood to achieve a very natural look
  • Available in sizes for nano or standard aquariums
  • Can slightly harden the water


These Rocks sets are untreated natural products. They can be used in aquariums as well as in terrariums. It is recommended to clean and rinse Rocks decoration under running water before using it in the aquarium. This removes the finest stagnant particles, which can otherwise cause cloudiness when a new aquarium is set up. Slight residues of moss or lichen cannot be ruled out completely.

Features of the Sets

60 cm Set
Aquarium Size Up to 60 cm length
Combination of stones 1x XL / 2x L / 3x M / 1x Nano Rocks (ca. 1,5 - 2 kg)
Number of stones 6 pieces plus 1 bag of Nano Rocks
Weight Between 6 - 12 kg
120 cm Mega Set
Aquarium Size Between 80 - 120 cm length
Combination of stones 1x XXL / 1x XL / 2x L / 3x M / 1x Nano Rocks (ca. 1,5 - 2 kg)
Number of stones 7 pieces plus 1 bag of Nano Rocks
Weight Between 15 - 25 kg
Stone size in the Sets
XXL > 25 cm
XL > 20 cm
L > 15 cm
M > 10 cm
Nano Rocks Between 1 - 10 cm



WIO's products aim to bring nature into people's daily lives.
WIO designs and delivers products that enable customers to create small to medium sized natural landscapes that stimulate them, reconnect them with nature, and at the same time improve their well-being. Their team of designers, makers and natural artisans create unique products that allow people to fully enjoy nature in their daily lives. The products are designed for the most demanding customers with a special sensitivity to nature, well-being, ecology, design, art and excellence.

General information

Item no.
EAN 8436615521678
Weight 10,00 kg
Shipping weight 10,50 kg

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