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Oase BioPlus

Oase BioPlus

  • Very easy to clean
  • Heater HeatUp can be retrofitted
  • A compact and powerful internal filter
  • Smooth surface movement
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  • EasyClean mechanism: Compact filter unit that is easily taken out for cleaning - the pump unit remains in its place
  • The high volume of the filter foams ensures effective mechanical and biological filtration. The fine filter fleece also filters any remaining cloudiness and ensures crystal clear water
  • Suction holder for easy fastening in the corner of the aquarium
  • Quiet operation & energy saving pump
  • No disturbing diffuser tube, but rather an integrated, adjustable diffuser nozzle
  • Adjustable Heater can be retrofitted


Operating instructions can be downloaded here.

Technical Data

Oase BioPlus 50
Power consumption 5 W
Pump flow rate 350 l/h
Water column max. 0,4 m
Filtration volume 0,3 l
Suitable for aquariums up to 50 l
Oase BioPlus 100
Power consumption 6 W
Pump flow rate 500 l/h
Water column max. 0,6 m
Filtration volume 0,5 l
Suitable for aquariums up to 100 l
Oase BioPlus 200
Power consumption 7 W
Pump flow rate 650 l/h
Water column max. 0,4 m
Filtration volume 0,7 l
Suitable for aquariums up to 200 l


Oase BioPlus 50
Length 120 mm
Width 110 mm
Height 210 mm
Power cord length 1,5 m
Oase BioPlus 100
Length 120 mm
Width 110 mm
Height 270 mm
Power cord length 1,5 m
Oase BioPlus 200
Length 120 mm
Width 110 mm
Height 330 mm
Power cord length 1,5 m


3-year warranty

OASE guarantees the performance of this product for the duration of 36 months, given that the purchasing person is also the consumer. The legal defect rights towards Aquasabi GmbH & Co. KG according to §§ 437 ff. BGB (German Civil Code) are not compromised by this warranty.

Extract from the warranty policy by OASE

"OASE GmbH grants a manufacturer?s guarantee under the conditions cited below; the guarantee period is designated on a productspecific basis. This is provided in the form of supplemental text with the product. The designated guarantee period starts with the inital new product purchase from an OASE dealer. In the event of subsequent sale the guarantee period does not start over again from the beginning. The guarantee period is neither extended nor restarted through guarantee performances; legal guarantee claims do not occur on guarantee performances. If the content of the guarantee is not otherwise specified separately, OASE grants a guarantee in the scope cited below: The prerequisite for claiming any guarantee from OASE, including the extension guarantee is that in the case of parts replacement /repair, the customer must have properly installed original OASE spare parts exclusively for any repair or remediation. Any OASE guarantee is invalidated if products from other manufacturers are used. We provide guarantee performances, at our discretion, through no charge repair, or no charge delivery of original spare parts or of a replacement device of comparable value. If the type in question is no longer manufactured, we reserve the right, at our discretion to deliver a replacement device from our product line that is most like the original object of the guarantee claim. Reimbursement of expenses for removal and installation, inspection, claims for lost profit and compensation for damages are not covered by the guarantee, nor are more extensive claims for damages and losses, regardless of type, that have been caused by the device or its use. The guarantee only applies for the country in which the product was purchased from an OASE dealer. German law applies for this guarantee in accordance with these conditions; with exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). The legal rights of the purchaser, particularly arising from the warranty, continue in effect and are not limited by this guarantee. Defects or damage that are due to faulty installation or operating errors, as well as insufficient care, or for example due to the use of unsuitable cleaning agents or neglected maintenance, non-intended use, damage, impact, the effects of freezing, etc. cutting off the plug, shortening the cable, calcium deposits or improper repair attempts, do not fall under the protection of the guarantee. With regard to intended use, we refer you to the user instructions, compliance with which is the basic prerequisite for a guarantee claim. Parts subject to wear, such as bulbs, are not part of this guarantee. If there is a guarantee case please contact your OASE dealer that sold the product to you. If there is a guarantee case please contact your OASE dealer that sold the product to you. If this possibility does not exist, then claims arising from the guarantee can be made binding against OASE GmbH Tecklenburger Str. 161, 48477 Hörstel, Germany by shipping the device or the parts in question to us at your expense, together with the original purchase receipt of the OASE dealer, the guarantee certificate, as well as written information about the claimed defect. A directory of OASE dealers is available at: www.oase-livingwater.com."
Source: OASE Guarantee, last viewed 08.12.2021

Tecklenburger Straße 161
48477 Hörstel; Germany

Mail: info@oase-teichbau.de



Founded in 1949, the traditional German company Oase from Hörstel in Germany is passionate about developing and selling professional equipment for all aspects of water. Filters, pumps, water conditioners, complete aquariums as well as fish food and accessories for aquaristics are part of the product range. With the biOrb product line, decorative and technically advanced all-in-one terrariums including accessories are also part of the portfolio. In addition, Oase is very successful worldwide in the garden, pond and waterworks sectors and, with Oase Professional, also offers solutions for hydraulic engineering, fountain technology and pond management.

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