Microsorum pteropus 'Prothallium'

Wave Moss

Microsorum pteropus 'Prothallium'

Wave Moss

  • Also known as "Loxogramme sp. Wave moss"
  • Exceptional aquarium plant
  • Dark green, resembling a liverwort
  • Well suitable for nano tanks
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This curiosity became known in the last years as "Loxogramme sp., Wave moss". It resembles a liverwort and has turned out as a gametophyte (prothallium) of the Java Fern, Microsorum pteropus. It is also similar to the "Suesswassertang" or "Round Pellia" (prothallium of Lomariopsis) but has considerably smaller, softer, darker green thallus branches. With time, it forms dark green cushions. The underside and margins of the thallus branches are covered with dark brown, hair-like rhizoids.

The Microsorum pteropus prothallium grows very slowly; it is not really demanding and still grows with low lighting, however it develops best with good CO2 and nutrient supply. It is best tied to rock, wood or moss pads where its thalli will attach themselves more or less to the substrate.

The "Wave moss" is especially interesting for lovers of rare aquarium plants. It can be used like a moss as an epiphyte for the hardscape and is better suited to nano tanks than the bigger Lomariopsis prothallium.

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