JBL ProNovo Betta Flakes S

JBL ProNovo Betta Flakes S

  • Prebiotic staple feed
  • Tested under real conditions
  • Nibbling fun
  • 2 unit sizes
  • For fighting fish from 3 - 10 cm
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JBL ProNovo Betta Flakes S is a prebiotic, floating aquarium staple food in size S for fighting fish from 3 to 10 cm.
With the special species concept for ornamental fish from JBL, targeted, natural food can be fed in an optimum composition, appropriate to the species. The food flakes consist exclusively of natural raw materials and contain no artificial additives. This ensures a particularly healthy diet and, accordingly, a high level of acceptance. High-quality ingredients such as salmon, shrimp, squid and krill provide important nutrients and minerals, perfectly adapted to fighting fish. Special dietary fibres in the food provide nourishment for the beneficial intestinal bacteria. This ensures a healthy digestion of the fish. In addition, ProNovo Betta Flakes contain the high-quality and natural astaxanthin from krill and spirulina, which ensures a magnificent colour formation in fighting fish.

JBL ProNovo Betta Flakes or JBL ProNovo Betta Granulat S form the basic diet for fighting fish. JBL ProNovo Betta Insectis designed as a supplement to offer the animals a varied diet.

The right feed size:
An important aspect of feeding is the right size of food for the mouth. Especially with smaller fish species, it is important that the animals get the food morsels into their mouths, as they cannot bite off properly. In case of uncertainty, the small granulate size is more recommended. This can reduce stress and food envy.

Granulate or flake food?
Which type of food is the right one can often only be found out by trial and error. Some fish prefer flakes, others only like granules. However, many automatic feeders only work with granules. If the fish are to be accustomed to a different diet, it is always advisable to proceed carefully and in good time.


  • Prebiotic staple food granules for ornamental fish
  • According to JBL species concept
  • Perfect for fighting fish and many other labyrinth fish (gouramis, gourami & macropods)
  • With special dietary fibres
  • Only natural ingredients
  • High acceptance
  • Tested on JBL research expeditions in the tropicst
  • Available in different stock sizes


Once or twice a day, feed as much as is eaten in a few minutes.


  • Salmon flour
  • Wheat flour
  • Krill flour
  • Shrimp flour
  • Soy flour
  • Wheat germ
  • Wheat gluten
  • Yeast extract
  • Squid flour
  • Rice flour
  • Corn flour
  • Spirulina
  • Guar gum
  • Beetroot

Analytical components

  • Crude protein (43 %)
  • Crude fat (6 %)
  • Crude fibre (3 %)
  • Crude ash (8 %)



  • E 306

Vitamins, provitamins and other chemically defined substances with a similar effect (per 1.000 g)

Vitamin A 25.000 IU
Vitamin D3 3.000 IU
Vitamin E 300 mg
Vitamin C 200 mg



JBL is a traditional German company with a very wide range of products for aquarists. From high-quality fish and shrimp food to external filters and water plant fertiliser, JBL offers a wide selection for aquarium enthusiasts.

JBL's research and development constantly brings new, innovative products onto the market. Whether aquascape, fish aquarium, shrimp tank with a scurry factor or a pure water plant aquarium in Holland style, JBL offers suitable aids for set-up and maintenance for all these directions.

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