GlasGarten Liquid Mineral GH+

GlasGarten Liquid Mineral GH+

  • Creates the ideal water parameters for Bee Shrimp and Co.
  • With natural trace elements
  • Creates the best conditions for unproblematic moults
  • For vitality, healthy growth and intense colors
  • Easy to dose
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Liquid Mineral GH+ is a liquid mineral salt for re-mineralising RO water, fully desalinated water, rainwater or soft tap water. It adds vital minerals and trace elements to your aquarium water and raises the total hardness (GH).

Liquid Mineral GH+ is based on an original recipe from Japan. The minerals and trace elements it contains are fine-tuned to the requirements of shrimp from softwater habitats like Bee Shrimp and their variants, Tiger Shrimp, Bumblebee Shrimp and so on and facilitate keeping and breeding greatly. This preparation increases their well-being, boosts their colors, enhances their reproduction rates and provides them with everything they need for healthy growth.

In addition, Liquid Mineral GH+ enhances the all-important microbiology in the aquarium and enhances the efficiency of the biofilms and the filter bacteria in the substrate and the filter. A good water quality and a clean environment especially in the lowermost regions of the tank are especially important for the well-being, the health and the vitality of your shrimp.


  • creates the ideal water parameters for Bee Shrimp and Co. easily and fast
  • for vitality, healthy growth, intense colors and a good reproduction rate
  • boosts the activity of the filter bacteria in the filter and the substrate
  • enhances the formation of biofilms, which shrimp love
  • contains high levels of the important minerals calcium and magnesium
  • creates the best conditions for unproblematic moults
  • with natural trace elements
  • for a long-lasting active soil, does not increase the carbonate hardness
  • easy to dose, just add to the water, stir a bit, done
  • highly concentrated for easy dosage and high sufficiency

Bee Shrimp and Co. originate from habitats with very soft water and a pH under 7. Usually they are found in small streams with a sandy or rocky bottom and lots of dead fallen leaf litter. Depending on the amount of precipitation, the water has at a moderate to high current.

In our aquaria at home it is difficult to create exactly this environment. We only have a limited amount of water that is turned over and over by the filter pump. Food rests, excrement and other things produce noxious substances that can accumulate in the water as they are not removed by the current as in nature. In the aquarium we thus need to boost the microbiological activity so the harmful substances in the water are broken down quickly and in at a sufficiently high rate.

Filter bacteria cannot live without minerals and trace elements. If minerals are deficient their activity decreases, and the water quality suffers at an alarming rate. Especially shrimp and other bottom dwellers feel the effects of a hostile environment inside or at the surface of the substrate first. Their colors will fade or they might become prone to moulting problems. Their immune system may be compromised, and they fall victim to bacterial infections and other diseases more easily.

Thus we recommend re-mineralizing your aquarium water with Liquid Mineral GH+ until you have a total hardness (GH) of at least 5 °dGH to ensure that the mineral content of the water is sufficient. In our breeding tanks, we have the best results with a GH of around 6 °dGH.

For keeping and breeding Bee Shrimp and Co., a pH of under 7 is recommended. Liquid Mineral GH+ does not influence the pH directly. If your water does not have any carbonate hardness, the pH is easy to adjust, as the carbonate hardness would buffer the pH. Use alder cones or some fallen brown leaves to lower the pH to the reading you desire. Often, breeders and keepers use an active soil substrate like e.g. "Environment Aquarium Soil“, which lowers the pH automatically to under 7 and keeps it stable for a long time thanks to its buffering properties. If you do not use an active substrate you ought to add humins to your water to buffer the pH.

As we have already mentioned, you can find large amounts of leaf litter in the habitats, which enrich the water with humins. Humins are all-important, not only due to their pH-buffering properties. Please have a look at the description of "Liquid Humin+“, where you can find a host of useful information on humins.


7 drops (approx. 0,47 ml) of Liquid Mineral GH+ per 1 liter of water will raise the total hardness by approx. 6 °dGH and the conductance of about 280 µS (Mikrosiemens). Just add, stir a few times, and you’re done.



GlasGarten stands for aquaristics with a passion. In the aquascaping hobby, the low-iron glass tanks made by GlasGarten have long gained a lot of popularity, and their soil substrate has also earned a very good reputation with aquascapers, shrimp breeders and planted tank enthusiasts. The new food line as well as the water additives sold by GlasGarten are of the same high quality as the other products of this brand. They can be used in tanks dedicated to shrimp breeding and shrimp keeping as well as in aquascapes and planted tanks in general.

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