GlasGarten Liquid Humin+

GlasGarten Liquid Humin+

  • With essential humic and fulvic acids
  • Increases vitality and well-being
  • For regular treatment or quarantine
  • For all aquarium inhabitants
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GlasGarten Liquid Humin+ adds important humic and fulvic acids to your aquarium water and creates a friendly environment for your aquarium inhabitants. Humins are present in almost every natural river/creek, and you find them in especially high concentrations in the natural habitats of pet shrimp and ornamental fish.

Humins can increase the vitality, color intensity and well-being of your aquarium animals, they may increase the reproductive rates, improve the survival rates of the offspring and enhance growth. Humins boost the immune system of the aquarium inhabitants and increase the stability of the biological system. They inhibit algal growth and the development of germs, bind to noxious substances and have the potential to prevent diseases and fungal infections. Moreover, humins stabilize the pH and protect your aquarium water from a dangerous acid drop.

No aquarium should run without humins. Their positive properties have been proven by recent scientific research, and as they miss completely in tap water or RO water, we need to add them to our tanks. Humins are part of an animal-friendly environment, as they are present in practically all the natural habitats. They are crucial for the health and the immune system of aquatic animals. Their organisms have adapted to the presence of humins, and even small concentrations that do not stain the water significantly are sufficient for positive results.

Scientific research on crustaceans (Daphnia) showed that even the smallest, invisible concentration of humins was sufficient to enhance their well-being and their reproductive rates.

Further scientific research also confirms the positive characteristics of humins, like e.g. the work of Professor Dr. Christian Steinberg (chair: aquatic ecology at the Humboldt Universität in Berlin), who was dealing with humins very intensely. In his opinion, humins are indispensable in aquaria. In the classic ecological literature, authors assume that humins only influence aquatic animals indirectly, however, now Professor Dr. Christian Steinberg has been able to show that humins also have direct effects on the organisms, which makes them a vital addition to the water.


Standard dosage:
Add approx. 3 to 7 drops (corresponds to approx. 0,3 to 0,7 ml) per 10 liters of aquarium water per week

Dosage in the case of problems, for quarantining or for blackwater tanks:
Add approx. 10 to 20 drops (corresponds to approx. 1 to 2 ml) per 10 liters of aquarium water per week



GlasGarten stands for aquaristics with a passion. In the aquascaping hobby, the low-iron glass tanks made by GlasGarten have long gained a lot of popularity, and their soil substrate has also earned a very good reputation with aquascapers, shrimp breeders and planted tank enthusiasts. The new food line as well as the water additives sold by GlasGarten are of the same high quality as the other products of this brand. They can be used in tanks dedicated to shrimp breeding and shrimp keeping as well as in aquascapes and planted tanks in general.

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