DRAK Eudrakon N

DRAK Eudrakon N

  • Consists of 3 nitrogenous components
  • Contains nitrate, urea and ammonium
  • Ideal for daily fertilisation
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Some intensively planted and lighted pools (also “Holland pools”, “Flower borders” etc) with a moderate till low fish population need, in comparison to the majority of typical aquariums, a supplement to the basic food stuff nitrogen - N (Eudrakon N), phosphorus - P (Eudrakon P) and potassium - K (Ferrdrakon K) for plants.

In stronger inhabited pools the fish excrement as well as the added fish food provide for bacterial mineralization and supply of life dependent food stuffs.

A clear indication for the need to add to these food stuffs, begins slowly, because many plants have a large storage capacity of nitrates, potassium, and phosphates. Typical is however small growths, violet colouration due to the building of Anthocyan, yellow coloration through a nitrogen deficit chlorosis and a general growth slow-down up culminating in a complete growth-stop. Added to this comes a creeping incipient algae growth, that is at first totally inexplicable, because the water values appear to be completely in order.

It is worth mentioning, that the elimination of a growth deficit through the inevitable increase in bio-mass production often leads to an increased need for other food stuffs. At the end of the day by a balanced food- stuff supply the amount of light provided, should have the largest effect on growth limitation.

The fertilizer consists of 3 components, that are present in order to guarantee a multi-level supply of nitrogen: Nitrate, Urea or Carbamid and Ammonium

Ammonium is immediately and preferentially absorbed by the plants, it is however not stored. The absorption of ammonium takes place in a slightly preferentially manner (because of energy reasons) in comparison with the absorption of nitrate. However, high nitrate concentration also reduces the absorption of ammonium (from approx. 5 mg/l nitrate). Excess ammonium is, because of the nitrifying bacteria by combination with oxygen, quickly converted to nitrate. Because of this and to avoid building of pH values > 7.5, poisonous ammoniac in toxic amounts can build, only a relative low amount is present in the fertilizer solution.

Urea the second component should provide assistance at this point. As nitrogenous end-product of the protein metabolism of many animals, it can be on one hand directly absorbed by plants, but on the other hand it is also slowly hydrolysed by pool bacteria to ammonium and CO2.

Nitrate is by all aquarium typical pH values, even in relatively high concentrations, not poisonous for animals and because of this is applied here in a so-called “storage form”. Some plants can however react with growth disturbances even with a minimal nitrate content of just over 10 mg/l, and so therefore this value needs not to be and should not be in any case exceeded.

A part of the nitrate is added in form of its potassium and magnesium salts, as not only potassium, but also magnesium is consumed in quantity in pools that use a lot of nitrogen.


Daily 1 ml in 50 l of aquarium water up until the required nitrate content is reached.



Aquarium plant fertilizers, water conditioners, remineralizing salts and supplies for marine aquaristics made by a specialist. Dr. Andreas Kremser (DRAK) offers a wide product range for planted aquarium enthusiasts and aquascpapes. Besides micronutrient fertilizers like his Ferrdrakon complete iron fertilizer, he offers macronutrients as well as micronutrient fertilizers for special purposes like the KramerDrak - complete iron fertilizer for strongly lit tanks. 

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